Who are the brand ambassadors of Canara Bank and Central bank of India?

Venkatesh Prasad had been associated with Canara Bank in past as its Brand ambassador. However later in 2007, Canara Bank appointed O&M for its image change. The new logo for Canara Bank two entwined triangles in blue (for stability, scale and depth), and bright yellow (for optimism, warmth and energy) was designed by the WPP owned Ray & Keshavan. The current advertisement theme of Canara bank is “we change for the ones we love”. The creative and heart touching ads have been produced relying on models.
Ms Perizaad Zorabian Irani has been associated as Brand Ambassador of the central Bak of India. However,recently , the Central bank of India has released two animated cartoon TV commercials “The Race” & ‘ The Trap.

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