What is the meaning of Behavioural Competency?

Behavioural competency is known as any trait or behavioural attribute of an individual which becomes instrumental in his/her development or growth in the organisation. It can be knowledge, skill-set, teamwork, technical know-how, etc. It is applicable to all levels of the organization and is not restricted to just top, middle or even lower level. It is often used to improve the competency of employees at all levels primarily to make the flow of work easy and fast.

Human Resource professionals find it hard to measure the same in employees due to complex organisational structures but it has become imperative for all to have cordial relations with everyone at work. It is thus also a part of appraisal in many firms. It can be spread across five different types:

  • Individual Competencies: These refer to personal attributes like decision-making, teamwork, confidence, etc.
  • Interpersonal Competencies: These refer to energy levels, communication, handling issues at work etc.
  • Motivational Competencies: These involve attributes like leading by example, taking initiatives, motivational speeches etc.
  • Managerial Competencies: These involve attributes like leadership skills, management of people/teams, quick decision-making, analytical skills etc
  • Analytical Competencies: These refer to attributes like data analytics, numerical work, problem-solving, etc.

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