What is Sappan Wood?

Sappan Wood or East Indian red wood is a multipurpose tree botanically known as Caesalpinia Sappan L. It is a natural dye yielding medicinal plant which grows up to 10 m in height and the wood reaches 15-30 cm in diameter. Flowers are golden yellow in colour and are cross-pollinated by bees, butterflies and insects.

Sappan is cultivated as a horticultural plant for its large compound leaves and bright yellow flowers. Its branches when interlaced make a strong barrier, hence, it is considered as a live fencing plant. It grows well in all kinds of soil and lush growth is obtained in red soil. The used part is Bark of the tree in various local medicinal purposes as Hemostatic, wound healer in tumours, in carbuncles, diptheria, and colour complexion promoter etc. In India it is cultivated in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal and it is not found anywhere else in world.