What is potential of Hyperloop for transportation in India?

Hyperloop may be regarded as a terrestrial transportation system that is based on pod device. It has the capacity to carry passengers and freight at the speed of an airline through a vacuum tube. It was first developed by the technology billionaire Elon Musk.

Hyperloops are also being created in India by a Bangalore-based startup Virgin Hyperloop One. It works in collaboration with the Karnataka government and is currently studying the feasibility of such a transportation system and also the economic impact in this region. It is originally a California based company but has sought to expand its business to India. In future, it seeks to connect the high growth cities of Hubballi-Dharwad, Hosur and Tumakuru to Bangalore.

Future in India

The project does not remain limited to the region of Karnataka but is also sought to be expanded to Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. This technology has a huge role to play even in the Digital India initiative. With the first bullet train already been inaugurated in India this is the second major transformation in the transportation system.

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