What is difference between Hypercalcaemia, Hypocalcaemia and Hypercalciuria?

Hypercalcaemia is an elevated calcium level in the blood. The effects of Hypercalcemia are groans, moans, bones, stones and Overtones. They refer to groans (constipation), moans (psychic moans (e.g., fatigue, lethargy, depression)), bones (bone pain, especially if PTH is elevated), stones (kidney stones), and psychiatric overtones (including depression and confusion. One more result is hypervitaminosis D (vitamin D intoxication). Hypercalciuria is the condition of elevated calcium in the urine, which may lead to problems in renal functions including Kidney problems. Hypocalcaemia (or hypocalcemia) is the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood, which is associated with the Parathyroid Hormone. Same is with Hypocalcacemia which is due to Hyperparathyroid conditions. The Hypercalciuria is something related to intake of calcium via food.
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