What is CELSS?

CELSS stands for Controlled Ecological Life Support System. They are also termed as ‘Living machines’ which give complete life support like fresh air, water, organic food etc. to the residents by continually recycling the waste produced by the inhabitants and also CELSS at large.  It is thus, a scientific project which is directed towards the creation of special environments which support and maintain human life on various space stations and other.

It is not considered suitable for long-term missions. It has three primary components:

  • Air Regeneration: This is done by the plants as they give out oxygen assisted by human respiratory by-product carbon dioxide.
  • Food/Water Production: This is established by delineated a specific place for the cultivation of crops. Water is taken from the moisture released by plants and condensed vapours in air.
  • Revitalisation of wastewater: This is done by specially designed technology and systems which can process wastewater.
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