What is Agile Testing?

Agile testing denotes a software testing technique which uses various principles of agile software development. The technique basically tests the software for defects or flaws as soon as possible or within the agile context and gives suitable feedback for better and faster project development.

  • The technique involves simultaneous testing and development as the role of the tester is not limited to identification of defects but also in being a developer to introduce suitable improvements, suggestions and also test cases to be included in the software application.
  • The technique calls for the tester to follow the complete lifecycle of the software while testing but because of regular feedback and interaction among developers and customers, the software is delivered fast without any compromise on quality.
  • Both the testers and developers are required to respond to any changes in the application quickly instead of following a fixed plan.
  • The primary rules of agile testing are:
  1. It is NOT a phase testing process
  2. All stakeholders participate in the testing procedure
  3. It relatively reduces the response time
  4. Test documentation is also kept to a minimum

The underlying feature of agile testing is that it requires constant interaction among testers, developers, customers and other stakeholders.

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