What are differences between Resourcesat I and Resourcesat II?

The Resourcesat was launched  via the PSLV C-16 on 20.4.2011 . Resourceset-2 will be able to collect data from a wider strip of the Earth’s surface in comparision to Resourcesat I. The profile page of Resourcesat-2 on ISRO website mentions that Important changes in RESOURCESAT-2 compared to RESOURCESAT-1 are: Enhancement of LISS-4 multispectral swath from 23 km to 70 km and improved Radiometric accuracy from 7 bits to 10 bits for LISS-3 and LISS-4 and 10 bits to 12 bits for AWIFS. Besides, suitable changes, including miniaturization in payload electronics, have been made in RESOURCESAT-2.
The Swath width means the strip of the Earth’s surface from which data are collected by a satellite.Both Resourcesat-1 and Resourceset -2 will provide remote sensing data services for entire globe. The Resourcesat-2 has been launched with additional payload known as AIS (Automatic Identification System) from COMDEV, Canada as an experimental payload for ship surveillance in VHF band. PSLV C-16 has launched RESOURCESAT-2 satellite, the joint Indo-Russian YOUTHSAT satellite, and Singapore’s first satellite X-SAT. Resourcesat-2 is India’s 18th remote sensing satellite.

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