What are Asteroids?

Asteroids also called the inner solar system are minor planets which are neither categorised as a planet or a comet. They are in direct orbit around the Sun. They primarily remain on the circumstellar disk of gas around new stars and also the debris of the disk together. They are also known as planetoids and range in size from hundreds of miles to few feet. Most of them are irregular in shape.  They are majorly present in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The three largest asteroids are spherical in shape with a different interior. They are classified into 3 groups based on their chemical component:

  • C-type: They are most common and comprise 75% of the total asteroid family. It consists of mainly carbonaceous asteroids and is extremely dark.
  • S-type: They are made of iron and magnesium silicates and are moderately bright. They are seen in the inner asteroid belt.
  • M-type: They are formed of nickel and iron in its purest form and are categorised as M-type. They are relatively brighter.


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