Vishesh Krishi And Gram Udyog Yojana

Vishesh Krishi And Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY) compensates the high transport costs (from village to port / airport for export) and offset other disadvantages to promote exports of the following products:

  • Agricultural Produce and their value added products;
  • Minor Forest Produce and their value added variants;
  • Gram Udyog Products;
  • Forest Based Products; and other such products notified.

What is actually done in this scheme is that government returns the 5 % of FOB value of exports (in free foreign exchange) as the so called Duty Credit Scrip. In case of Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, this is 2%.


  • ethowakatiry

    Sir, Govt. Is doing bttr tan it was before .. this schem will really help common peoples, to export more ter agricultural products as well s they WL earn more profit..

  • naveen

    make aware of this scheme to every farmer then only it is worthable.

  • Bhupal Singh

    The scheme is good but needs publicity. The exports of Gramodyog are also included in the scheme. The Khadi & Village Industries Commission (Ministry of MSME) is extending assistance to establish Village Industries (Gramodyog) but not in a position to pay the subsidy on exports. Claims for millions of rupees are pending with them. Had this scheme known to the Gramodyog units, they could claim the same under this scheme.

  • ravi

    sir maine ubi mecontact kiya butthere is no responce pz help me