Update on One Year Email Coaching Programme

Our One Year Coaching programme had started on July 5th 2010. The 52 weeks programme enters its 7th week tomorrow. This rigorous training programme has been trusted and joined by more than 200 aspirants all over the country and abroad and they have found it very exhaustive, schematic and complete in itself.
The author has promoted this programme only on this website and this is the goodwill of the website that such a large number of students trusted in this website and its author.
Here is what some of our members have said: (so far, we have not received any comment from any member, criticizing the programme and its implementation).
Jitendra Kumar:
dear sir.
As i’m reading your mateial ..i am realising that it is very schematic and complete in itself. thanx a lot” sir ” for your quality guidence

Mandeep Yadav
Hi Sir,
One Request from new students point of view. I know u try your best to give as much full form of the acronyms/abbreviations, but still few are missing like IOA , FDA, MCD in today’s current affairs. I know the number is very less and these are not very tough, but still scope is there to include alland it will be good for new students.

Sandeep Chaudhary:
Dear Sir,
First of all i want to congratulate to you for such a nice,great and effective initiative. Sir your efforts are extremely helpful for every aspirant, i hope you will improve it to the perfection.

Manish Kumar
Each and every content provided till now is excellent in its quality.Some time i wonder how and from where you find these information!Honestly speaking i am in absolute exclamation only two time and head soft both, when i read the Da Vinci Code by Down Brown and when i read content send by you.
Sir,you are highlighting very important point and you should continue with only that limit. because it give us space to work on some other important point.If you highlight all the important point then reading will become boring for us.

Dear sir your GK MATERIAL is really of exellent quality . I JOINED THIS GROUP ON 5 AUG, CAN YOU Please tell me from where i shud start reading this material so that i can not miss connected content ????? can you plz suggest me general stratgey to follow…regarding this material

Dear Sir,
The plan of Syllabus arrangement is Good. Though i do not get proper time for searching the matter you provide us. It is giving us boost in terms of repetition of some points, with which i feel, that we are able to recognise the important points with interests. Thanks for the pain you are taking for working people. I do not know, how many people are getting benefit out of it. As per my knowledge, If people really concentrates on this, it’s worth.

Further, I would like the readers who wish to join this programme , kindly go through these questions. They are part of just 3 modules of my daily content matter.

  1. What is the Upper Age Limit for an artist to get Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar?
  2. In which year Sangeet Natak Akademy started Working?
  3. Who appoints the chairman of Sangeet Natak Akademy?
  4. Who has authored ‘Rhythm in Joy’?
  5. What are Madrid Protocol and Madrid System?
  6. What will be the benefit of Trade Marks (Amendment) Bill, which has been passed by both houses of parliament?
  7. What is SARAL satellite and which country is participating in this Joint Project?
  8. What is CCTNS Project?
  9. What are the financial and procedural implications of making Hindi as Official Langauge of United Nations?
  10. In How many languages UN charter was drafted?
  11. Which are the current Official Languages of United Nations?
  12. How many World Hindi Conferences have been organized so far?
  13. Where and when was set up World Hindi Secretariat?
  14. How many new reactors planned to be added by the year 2020 and what is thier current position?
  15. What is New Delhi metallobetalactamase (NDM) and why it is making news?
  16. Which site of Iran is the central facility for enrichment with over 5000 centrifuges currently operational and being fed with Uranium Fluoride (UF6)?
  17. For what duration Korea was under Japanese rule?
  18. What was the meaning of 19th century Japanese Slogan Fukoku Kyōhei,?
  19. What was 1876 Treaty of Ganghwa?
  20. Which Asian country celebrates Independenece day with India?
  21. What is current number of RRBs in India ?
  22. What are the main recommendations of K.C. Chakrabarty Committee on financials of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)?
  23. On recommendation of which committee, RRBs were set up in India on Gandhi Jayanati 1975?
  24. By how many basis points the Repo Rate and CRR has been increased by RBI in 2010 only?
  25. What are ISM bands and which is the most common instrument which uses ISM bands?
  26. In how many states “Artificial Recharge of Ground Water through Dug wells” was launched in India?
  27. Which International organization has launched Global Fire Information Management System (GFIMS) on August 11?
  28. What is the main objective of National Mineral Policy?
  29. Which International Organization helped in setting up IIMC?
  30. What is TKDL and what does it do?
  31. What is Justice Padmanabhan Committee?
  32. What is National Mission on Sustainable Habitat?
  33. What is the difference between CNG and LNG?
  34. What is Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) Act ?
  35. Who are Gramin Dak Sevaks & what is R.S. Nataraja Murti Committee?
  36. What is Mosquito Terminator Train ?
  37. In which SAARC summit, the South Asian University Agreement was signed?
  38. What was Manhattan Project?
  39. What was Potsdam Declaration?
  40. What is meaning of Japanese word Mokusatsu ?
  41. What were Enola Gay & Bockscar?
  42. What is Dropped Call Rate (DCR)?
  43. What are mOPV1 and mOPV3 & tOPV & bOPV?
  44. Which are the worst Polio Affcted states?
  45. Which programme was started in India after World Health Assembly Resolution of 1988?
  46. What is States & Central Government Participation in ICDS programme?
  47. What are Prerna strategy & Santushti strategy?
  48. What is an Index Number?
  49. What is a Base Year?
  50. What is Weightage in a Price Index ?
  51. What are Advantages and Limitations of Index Numbers?
  52. How to Construct a Simple Price Index?
  53. How to Construct a Weightage Price Index?
  54. What is a Price Index in India?
  55. How often the indices are available?
  56. What is Wholesale Price Index?
  57. What is Consumer Price Index?
  58. What is the difference between WPI and CPI?
  59. What is GDP Deflator ?
  60. Who compiles the CPI /WPI data?
  61. What is the composition of Whole Sale Price Index (WPI) ?
  62. What is the Weightage Pattern and Abhijit Sen Committee ?
  63. What is the composition of Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers CPI-IW?
  64. What is Service Price Index?
  65. What is Producer Price Index?
  66. Inflation & Related Concepts
  67. What is Deflation?
  68. What is Disinflation?
  69. What are Demand Pull and Cost Push Inflation?
  70. What is Role of RBI in containing Inflation?


You can trust this programme, it is not a fake project or a scam. This programme is a systematic & holistic approach towards attaining 360 degree knowledge and moreover affordable by all. The idea of daily modules is to develop consistency in learning.
If any member wishes to get some more material for evaluation kindly write an email to [email protected] . You can call 9928053351 for any inquiry.

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