The Last Days & Death of Akbar

The victory over Gujarat and Bengal brought almost all the Hindustan barring decaan, under Akbar’s reign. But the Kabul and Afghan was under his disloyal brother Hakim, who had repeatedly revolted. The Badakshan was lost by Akbar in 1585.

  • Birbal, one of the Navratnas was lost in a battle in 1585 in a disastrous attempt to subdue the Afghans.

When Hakim died, there was a peace in Kabul. Kashmir was annexed to Akbar’s empire in 1587 and Kandahar was annexed in 1594.

In 1595, Akbar lost his poet friend Faizi. Two younger princes debauched themselves and were close to their disgraced death. The eldest son Salim, the child of many prayers, was some better but had shown his flagrant rebelliousness more than once.

The viceroy of Deccan was his prince Murad. Murad was unable to subdue the rebellion in Berar and he was recalled. Then Abul Fazal was given the command of the army in 1599 to re-win the Deccan. He himself went to Deccan to win the formidable Deccan sultanates.

Akbar was able to win Ahamednagar earlier defended by Chand Bibi. Chand Bibi or Chand Sultana was the ruler of Bijapur (1580-90) and Ahamednagar (1596-99). She was wife of Ali Adil Shah-1 of the Bijapur sultanate.

The fort of Aligarh was won in 1600. This was the climax of the career of Akbar.

When he was in Deccan, his son Salim revolted at Agra and declared himself the emperor. Akbar hastened to Agra to restore peace, the peace was restored but Salim was not subdued.

It is believed that Akbar wanted his eldest grandson, Khusru Mirza, the son of Salim to make his heir apparent. But he finally entrusted the sword in the hands of Salim, the only surviving son.

  • It was in 1602, that Salim, out of enviousness to the influence of Abul Fazal, got him assassinated while he was returning from Deccan.

This was the last sorrow, which never allowed Akbar to recover from the shock. The worthless family hastened his end and the shameless intrigues for his successions started within the family in front of himself.

In the most adverse circumstances, Akbar was led to sick unto death. On October 29, 1605, this noblest King of India died. He was succeeded by Salim, as Nur-ud-din Salim Jahangir.

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