The Chauhans of Ajmer

The Chauhans were the feudatories of the Gurjar-Pratiharas who in the Battle of Rajasthan assisted Nagabhatta I to defeat and protect the borders from the Arab Invasions. But in the 10th century, when Gurjara Pratiharas got weakened, the feudatories asserted their independence.

  • The Chauhan king of Sakambhari Ajayaraj Chauhan established a City Ajayameru, which was later known as Ajmer.
  • His successor Vigraharaj captured Dhillika (Delhi) from the Tomar Kings and extended the empire from Ajmer to Delhi, including most parts of Today’s Haryana.

This was the time when Feudatory system in Rajput Administration was on its climax.

The most important successor of Ajayaraj Chauhan was Prithvi Raj Chauhan III who is known as “Chauhan King of Delhi” or “Rai Pithora“. He was a chivalrous lover and doughty Champion who united Ajmer and Delhi.

The daring abduction of Sanyogita, the not-unwilling daughter of Jaichand, the Gaharwal King of Kannauj well places him as a daring lover. His conquest against the Solankis of Gujarat and king of Mahoba established himself as a great warrior. He was able to resist the Mohammeden invasions in the beginning, until he was defeated and executed by Mohammad of Ghor.

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