T Haque Committee on Minimum Support Price for non-timber forest produce (NTFP)

A Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Inspector General of Forests (NAEB), MOEF for evolving a mechanism for Minimum Support Price to the collectors of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP’s). The committee submitted its report and recommended the future course of action. In August 2010, the Government set up another high-level committee to examine introduction of minimum support price (MSP) for non-timber forest produce is considering a national cooperative revolution similar to Operation Flood to empower tribals collecting sal seeds, gum kariah and other minor forest produce.

Chairman of this committee was Mr T Haque.

This committee was to recommend introduction of a competitive multi-pronged system to empower tribals who do not get even minimum wages for collecting minor forest produce (MFPs). The committee was considering a national-level mechanism similar to National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), which had triggered Operation Flood and revolutionized milk production in India.

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