Supersonic BrahMos Block-II missile regiment inducted

  • As part of the Army s pro-active conventional war strategy that provisions for multiple armoured thrusts by self-contained battle groups across the border, Army inducted a fresh regiment of the Block-II 300-km strike range supersonic BrahMos cruise missile to its inventory.
  • It has already been approved by the Government to counter China s huge military infrastructure build-up along the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control (LAC). A similar induction of the new BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles has also been approved for the western sector – on the Pakistan side. Its advanced version, Block-III, yet to be inducted, has steep dive capability to take out targets hidden even behind a mountain range. The BrahMos Block-I regiment was first inducted by the Army in 2007.

Kalam for Hypersonic Brahmos by 2016

  • Former President and missile expert APJ Abdul Kalam recently said that there is a need to develop a reusable hypersonic missile with speeds upto mach-8 to mach-10 before 2020. Indo-Russian missile maker were still not convinced with his vision over developing a BrahMos that can be reused.
  • He said BrahMos Aerospace should graduate to developing hypersonic cruise missile and it should be reusable. A reusable missile would return to its base after delivering the payload.
  • This missile will save a lot of money to the country as combat aircraft cost Rs 200 crore each and this missile can complement it. We must develop, by 2016 or at least before 2020, a reusable hypersonic missile, preferably on the nuclear warhead-capable BrahMos that can cruise at a speed of mach-8 to mach-10.
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