Succession of Jahangir

Jahangir had 4 sons

  1. Khusru, the guy who rebelled immediately after his father’s accession and was blinded and killed by Khurram.
  2. Pervez, who was drunkard, to the level of his father and died prematurely,.
  3. Khurram whom we are talking about , later became emperor Shah Jahan.
  4. Shaharyar

Jahangir’s eldest son Khusru had openly rebelled in the early days of reign. He was eliminated by his half brother Khurram. Khurram was best general of his time and had overcome the Rajputs and Udaiur and some formidable foes in Deccan. He led successfully the Mewar Campaign (1615), the Deccan Campaign (1617 and 1621), Kangra Compain (1618). Nur Jahan, when got married with Jahangir got an opportunity to push forward her brothers and nephews in the Mughal Court. Of them, the most benefitted was her brother Asaf Khan. Asaf Khan, the cunning brother of Nur Jahan became against his sister and supported the prince Khurram because; Khurram married his daughter Arjumand Banu Begum, the lady of the Taj.

Pervez was favorite of his father, but Khurram took the field against his father. He tried to get independent sovereignty in Bengal and Bihar in 1623-24, but submitted. This submission was brought by one of the generals of Mughals Mahabat Khan.

Mahabat Khan and Abduction of Jahangir

Mahabat Khan was a leader of the Rajputs. When there were machinations against his growing power by Nur-Jahan, he came close to Khurram and got against Nur Jahan. When Jahangir was heading towards Kabul, at Jhelum River, he was attacked by the Rajput Forces led by Mahabat Khan.

  • Jahangir was abducted and there was a battle between the Rajputs forces and Nurjahan. Mahabat Khan was defeated and Jahangir was freed but he became morally sick and died in 1627.

Later Mahabat Khan was appointed as Governor of Ajmer by the emperor Shah Jahan.

Death and Succession

When Jahangir died, Khurram was away in Deccan. So Nurjahan supported and try to make Shaharyar the King. But Asaf, miffed by his sister’s action, sent a speedy message to Khurram and set up Khurram’s son Dawar Baksh as ad hoc regent. He attacked Shaharyar and took him as prisoner. Khurram while hastening from Deccan had already sent orders to eliminate Shaharyar. The orders were immediately carried out. Thus Khurram ascended the Mughal Throne with the name Shah Jahan (the King of the world).

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