Succession of Alauddin Khalji


None of his successors was able to fit in the shoes of Alauddin Khalji. Malik Kafur enthroned the 6 year old child prince Shihabuddin as Sultan of Delhi and became his protector.

Malik Kafur sent two of Sultan’s elder sons to the next world mercilessly. This reprobate was plotting a mass murder of the Nobles, when one night he was killed by the soldiers in his bedroom.

Mubarak Shah

Another son of Alauddin, Mubarak Shah became the acting regent over his younger brother. Soon, he blinded that child and sent him to jail. What happened to the ill fated child, nobody knows. As soon as he became Sultan, to gather cheap publicity, he released 17 thousands of prisoners and abolished all the taxes and penalties his father had imposed.

Mubarak, the young chap of 17 years was a slave of his own desires and orgies. He paid the army 6 months advance salary and distributed the grants indiscriminately. The result was that wine started flowing in Delhi which was banned by his father. The markets went wrong, commodities became costly. All the market reforms introduced by his father tottered like a building and there was a general corruption in Delhi.

Khusru Khan

Like his father, Mubarak also had a beautiful Hindu pariah from Gujarat whom, he had styled Khusru Khan. He openly started calling the dancing girls and prostitutes took him to the height to indecency and debauchery.

Mubarak had flayed alive late Raja Rama Deva of Devagiri. The haunting shades of past gave him the fate he deserved. One night his favorite Khusru Khan murdered him.

Khusru Khan mounted the throne as Sultan Nasiruddin. He ordered mass killing in the Harem of the Sultan and everybody alive was killed. Khusru, a Hindu convert, took the revenge of his forceful covert by eliminating the whole of the Khalji dynasty and this was the end of another dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate in 1320 AD.

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