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Dear Readers,

I have received several mails and comments from my readers and according to the suggestions I received, I wish to make following changes in the blog :
1. The Blog posts will be divided subject wise. I wish to make subject wise and even topic wise quiz’s so that its easy for my visitors to brush up their knowledge as per subjects of their choice.

2. I wish to make a weekly plan as per following schedule:
Sunday : Quiz on weekly current affairs & Sports
Monday : History , India & World
Tuesday: Geography , India & World
Wednesday : Indian Economy and Economical current affairs
Thursday : Indian Polity and India’s Foreign Affairs.
Friday : Science / Agriculture / Management / Marketing.
Saturday : Quiz on miscellaneous subjects and based upon previous papers. ( All Subjects) .

Besides a few readers have suggested to do numbering of the questions as well . That idea is accepted.

I hope you all are enjoying the blog and its content. my blog earnings have been relatively very low till now however I am motivated with the number of the people getting attached tothis blog daily . What I expect from you is to please tell your friends by email, discussions on orkut and other communities and also when you discuss your preparations. Because a large number of audience only can make this site successful . Please leave your comments with your name. I means putting your name in the name URL option is advised. URL field may be left blank.



  • Anonymous

    when will we get sunbjectwise Questions & Answer ???

  • Anonymous

    great work

  • Anonymous

    good job

  • neha

    thanks a ton great work