SSC-CGL 1st July 2012 (Morning Shift) Solution GK

31. A tree’s age can be found by
[A]counting the number of branches
[B]no means
[C]measuring its height
[D]counting the number of annual rings

counting the number of annual rings

32. The left aortic arch is observed in


33. Tendon connects
[A]bone to muscle
[B]muscle to muscle
[C]bone to bone
[D]muscle to bone

muscle to bone

34. Mercury is generally used in thermometers because it has a
[A]high conductivity
[B]high specific heat
[C]high fluidity
[D]high density

high conductivity
Due to its high conductivity and low specific heat, a mercury thermometer acquires thermal equilibrium with the surrounding body more quickly than any other liquid thermometer.

35. To an observer on the lunar surface during day time, the sky will appear to be
[C]Light Yellow


36. Which of the following quantities is measure of ‘inertia’?


37. The intensity of a wave
1.follows Inverse Square Law. proportional to its amplitude. proportional to the square of the amplitude.
[A]Only 2 is true
[B]1 and 3 are true
[C]1 and 2 are true
[D]2 and 3 are true

1 and 3 are true

38. In which of the following States, is the child sex-ratio the lowest as per the 2011 census?


39. Kaziranga Natrional Park is situated in:


40. Who is the author of the book ‘If Cricket is Religion, Sachin is God’?
[A]Vijai Santhanam
[B]Shyam Balasubramaniam
[C]Both [A] and [B] [D]None of the above

Both [A] and [B]

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