Small Farmers’ Agriculture-Business Consortium (SFAC)

Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) was established in 1994. Its fundamental objective is to link the small farmers to agricultural value chain, which includes investments, technology and markets in association with private, corporate or cooperative sector.

It also provides capital support in the form of Venture Capital Assistance and Project Development Facility. One of the mandates of SFAC is to promote the farmer producer organisations (FPOs) and their integration in agriculture value chain.

Over the period of time, the SFAC has emerged as a Developmental Institution which deals with agriculture in its wider connotation, including fisheries and horticulture.

The beneficiaries are agripreneurs (Individuals, farmers, producer groups, partnership, propriety firms, Self Help Groups, companies etc.) to set up agribusiness ventures in close association with banks.



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    It’s a Wonderful practical plan for our beloved country. India is an Agro-Based country. With around 61 % Farmer Gods. They reap for us. But find themselves in the line of beggers. Begging the foods they have harvested. This type of Consortiums can bring an end of such sin. I Dream of a day, when Big industries will come & stand in ques , in front of these Consortiums, for their farm produces. I will be honoured to serve my entire life in any such Consortium. Free of cost. I can also invest a few lacs, without any monetary gain of mine. Just in search of a Dream Consortium. Contact : 09051-292929 / 05 2222 /

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