Second Anglo Maratha War

Second Anglo Maratha war 1803-1805

The war started when deposed Peshwa Baji Rao II, entered Poona with the British Forces in May 1803. British attacked from North under General Lake and from South under Arthur Wellesley, brother of the Governor General. The fighting started from Gujarat, Bundelkhand, Orissa engaging all Maratha chiefs in their homes but not let them “reunite“. The war prolonged two years and several treaties were signed by the Maratha rulers with the Peshwa and the British. The result of these different treaties was that the “Divided Marathas” paid the price to the “United” British. The result of this war was as follows:

  1. In 1803, Aurangabad and Gwalior was taken by British
  2. Bhosle lost Cuttack, Balasore and west of Wardha river
  3. Scindia lost Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gohad, Ahamad Nagar, Bharuch, Ajanta
  4. Both of Scindia and Bhosle accepted the Treaty of Bassein and gave their sovereignty to British

Now the powerful Holkar was left. He was a step ahead and approached Delhi to capture it. But he was defeated by British at Deeg, near Bharatpur, Rajasthan. At last he also signed a treaty and lost the places north of Chambal River, Bundelkhand. Poona was sure not in his claim now.

Thus with the second Anglo Maratha war, Maratha lost their independence. India was now bound in chains. The Marathas made a last attempt in 1817, unsuccessfully to get Mother India freedom from the colonist power.