Sangrai Dance

Sangrai dance is traditional dance of Tripura. For the first time, students from Tripura performed the traditional ‘Sangrai dance’ in the ceremonious Republic Day parade in 2018.

Sangrai dance’ is performed by the Mog tribal community on the occasion of Sangrai festival during the month of Chaitra (in April) of the Bengali calendar year. The Mogs are one of the 19 tribes in Tripura.

About Mogs:

The Mog are Arakanese descendants who migrated to Tripura through Chittagong Hill Tracts. Their language is grouped under Tibeto-Chinese family which is also linked with Assam-Burmese section of language.

Almost all the people belonging to the Mog community are the followers of Buddhism. The Mog Buddhists have close affinity with Burmese Buddhism in all socio-cultural and religious aspects. Their major concentrations are at Sabroom and Belonia in South Tripura.

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