Purnima Banerjee

Purnima Banerjee, was a freedom fighter of India, best known for offering the individual Satyagraha in 1941. She was secretary of the Allahabad City Congress Committee. She took part in the Quit India Movement and remained a member of United Provinces Legislature.

  • She tried to make a case for state’s control over religious instructions in schools, such that students would not be forced to attend religious classes against their wishes. During the assembly debates, she also spoke on composition and qualifications of Rajya Sabha members, support for progressive taxation system and and importance of giving separate identity to educational planning.
  • She also made a case for humane treatment to detainees and arrested. She emphasized that the detainee should also have the right to appear before the Advisory Board to explain his case, a reasonable maximum period of detention be given and timely trial in court.
  • She also opposed the restrictive provisions on fundamental rights.
  • For higher services, she emphasized there should not be statutory safeguard for permanency. They should be engaged in and dismissed from higher services as per Service Manuals providing these rules.