Rise of Lord Clive

End of Dupleix Career & Rise of Clive

The end of the Second Carnatic war brought a disaster for Dupleix. The French Government recalled him and Dupleix was compelled to embark for France on 12 October 1754. He had not saved any money and the government did not support him. His wife died 2 years later and the ruined Dupleix died in 1763 in utter poverty and obscurity. His successors failed in cherishing the dream of a French Empire in India.

The Siege of Arcot had made Clive a national hero in England. He was described by the Prime Minister Pitt, the elder as the “heaven-born general”, thus endorsing the generous appreciation of his early commander, Major Lawrence. The Court of Directors of the East India Company voted him a sword worth £700, which he refused to receive unless Lawrence was similarly honored.

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