Return of Humayun

Return of Humayun 1555-1556

In the Battle of Kannauj in 1540, Sher Shah Suri put the Mughal Empire to a temporary end.

Humayun in Sind

Exiled Humayun reached Sind via the deserts of Thar; where he lived for 3 years. Here, he fell in love with Hamida, a 15 year old girl, who was daughter of a sheikh of his brother. In 1542, on October 15, Hamida gave birth to Akbar (Jalal), who would become the most adorable emperor of India, only after Asoka.

From Lahore, he sent a message to Sher Shah that he has left Hindustan for him , leave Lahore alone and keep Sirhind (Punjab) as border between the two (Humayun and Sher Shah). But the formidable Afghan Lion roared that he left him Kabul and he should go there.

Hindal, one of Humayun’s brothers was in Lahore. Kabul was under his brother Kamran Mirza.

Intrigue by Kamran

Kamran as we discussed in previous module, was against his elder brother right since the times of their father. Kamran tried to make a proposal to Sher Shah to be in his side against Humayun if he gives him Punjab. Sher Shah did not pay attention to this “worthless” proposal.

Thus, Humayun’s own brother turned openly against him. Humayun was advised to take action and send his brother Kamran to another world, but this magnanimous elder brother refused to do so, for, his father’s last words were to not to harm his brothers, even if they deserve so. Hindal was now loyal to him, but Kamran and Akasari planned to attack him. There was no help from the Amir of Sind.

Double Faced Rao Maldeo

There was a request & invitation sent to Humayun by Rao Maldeo of Jodhpur to make an ally against Sher Shah, but when Mal Deo got a better idea about the weakness of Humayun, he better must stay away from the “sapless” Mughal. Further, Sher Shah was now offering him better terms.

When Humayun was around fifty miles from Jodhpur, he was given a message that Rao Maldeo does not like to meet him. Humayun had to revert his troops, his horses, camels, and his wife Hamida who was in 4 or 5th month of pregnancy in the Deserts of Rajasthan to go back to pavilion in May 1542, the hottest season of the year.

The horse of Hamida died in the desert and Humayun rode Hamida on a Camel, eating berries, without water and without hopes. This was the ebb of the tide -lowest point of Humayun’s career.

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