Recommendations of Simon Commission 1930

The recommendations of the Simon Commission were published in May 1930. They were as follows:

  1. Dyarchy in the provinces should be abolished and ministers should be made responsible to the provincial legislatures in all departments, including the department of law and order.
  2. The Governor was to retain the special powers for the safety and tranquility of the province and for the protection of the minorities.
  3. He would also have full powers of intervention in the event of breakdown of the constitution.
  4. The Franchise was to be extended and legislatures were to be enlarged.
  5. At the centre, a Federal assembly would be constituted on the basis of representation of the provinces and other areas as per the population.
  6. The council of state would continue as the Upper House but its members would be chosen not on the basis of direct election but on the basis of indirect election by the Provincial councils.
  7. No change in the central executive.
  8. The all India federation was not considered practical idea for immediate execution.
  9. Burma should be separated from the British India and should be provided a constitution of its own.

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  • sourabh pandey

    Tell me in detail how many provision of the Simon commission were introduced in Gov’t of India act 1935 and how many they are using still into the Indian Parliamentary system.Secondly whether Indian protest towards the Simon commission were correct on the basis of no Indian into the seven member committee of Simon Commission. Were Simon commission provisions totally against in Indians.