Random Facts Today : 1 November 2017

Random Facts for 1 November 2017: 

Who invented ISBN Code?

WH Smith PLC originated or invented the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) numbering scheme for books in 1966.

Which is world’s first anti-hypertensive drug?

Serpina, the world’s first anti-hypertensive drug, was launched in 1934 by Himalaya Drug Company, currently known as Himalaya Herbals. On a visit to Burma, Himalaya’s founder, M Manal, saw restless elephants being fed a root (of the plant, Rauwolfia Serpentina) to pacify them. The dug was created when he was fascinated by its effect on the elephants.

Which was the first product to be sold using a barcode?

A box of Melrose’s 100 Century tea bags was the first product to be sold using a barcode in the UK in 1978.