Raja Todar Mal

Raja Todar Mal, a Khatri Rajput had served his youth under the administration of Sher Shah Suri and had gained priceless experience in management of Land and revenues. He assisted Akbar’s chancellor of exchequer Muzafar Khan first and then took part in suppression of Ali Kuli in 1566.

  • Raja Todar Mal was the First Hindu which was sent to lead the Mughal Army. This was particularly because of Akbar’s suspicion that a Muslim may act in collusion with the rebel enemy.
  • After that Raja Todar Mal was employed settling the revenue system of Gujarat and then again given the military command to win Bengal.

He became the finance officer (Mushrif-i-Diwan) of Akbar in 1575 and Diwan-i-kul (Chief Finance Minister) in 1582 and introduced the reforms also known as Todar Mal’s rentroll, the book of land records in Mughal Empire. He died in 1587.

Raja Todar Mal is best known for introduction of the following reforms:

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  • subrat mohanty

    Todarmal was an Odia. He used the Gajapati prataprudra’s uPadhi ‘Todarmal’ as his name. All data say he was belonging to Suryabansi family of Odisha.

    • sanjay mandal

      Dear Sir,
      There are two Todar mal in history and I am a descendant from the family. Todar mal family comes from Sirhind in Punjab and we are punjabi kshatriya. Our sub caste is derived from Sood. There is only one mandal family in history from Punjab and they are direct and only descendants of todar mal per Haridwar records.

  • Dr ashwani sood

    Mr Sanjay Mandal is right Dewan Todar mal was rich resident of Sirhind in Punjab who sacrificed his wealth to buy the rights to cremate the two young saheed Sahibjadas of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji. The ‘Jahaj’ Haveli in Sirhind is testament of his sacrifice. Soods had to leave Sirhind and spread out to Punjab and surrounding hills (now Kangra Una area of Himachal) We are proud of our history. Mandal is indeed subcaste of Soods.

  • Shashi Kumar

    Ramcharitmanas written by Gaswami TulsiDas was preserved by Raja Tadarmal ji.

  • Tariq Luqman

    Who I am can anyone Help me We are From the Family of raja todar mal I am a Muslim i have my Shajra meaning the family Tree can anybody Help me to Locate any person who is In India and a person who has links with Raja Todar Mal.i want to see my Roots

  • Ashwani thakur

    We are a single family living in village beehan tehsil and district dehra himachal pradesh. People call us tadra rajput ie related to todarmal. We have all relations in Rajputs. Can anyone trace our roots?

  • Satish Jain

    [email protected]
    Raja Todarmal (said to be khatri rajput) was first Hindu who was sent by Akbar’s chancellor of exchequer Muzafar khan first and then took part in suppression of Ali Kuli in 1566 AD