GK Question- 62

All of the following except one were the features of the Wavell Plan. Identify that one.
[A]A new Executive Council was to be formed at the Centre in which all but the Viceroy and the Commander in Chief will be Indians.
[B]This executive council was for the time being till a new permanent constitution could be agreed upon and come to force.
[C]All portfolios except the Defense would be held by the Indian Members.
[D]One third of the Muslims representatives to from Muslim League.

Explanation: The above schemes 1, 2 & 3 of were Wavell plan given by Lord Wavell in 1945. To discuss the provisions of the Wavell Plan a conference of 21 Indian Political leaders was invited to the Summer Capital of British Government Shimla. The leaders included Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who was the President of the Congress at that time. Mohammad Ali Jinnah also reached in the conference. But here, Jinnah made a strange claim. He said that no non-league Muslim should be represented to the Executive Council because only Muslim League has right to represent the Muslims of India. He also wanted that all Muslim representatives should be Muslim League. So, it was said that Congress had no right to nominate any Muslim in the Executive council. This was the main reason of failure of the Wavell Plan.