Project Arrow

Project Arrow was launched by department of posts (DoP) in August 2008. This project is an initiative to transform India Post into a vibrant and responsive organization and to make a visible and positive difference in postal operations to benefit the customers.

The department has plans to implement the project in 500 post offices across the country. Initially the department identified 50 post offices across Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, North East, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand covering all the 10 Postal Circles.

The project aims at revitalising the organisation, capitalising on its strengths and recognising and dealing with the weak areas of the department by sustained, sincere and honest team effort. Following are some of the objects of the project:

  1. To bring the rural populace in direct communication with the outside world, what department of posts calls them ” Window to the World” for the people in the rural areas.
  2. Bring benefits of development to the doorsteps of the rural customers
  3. To emerge out as a one-stop shop for retail products
  4. To offer a single window facility for banking, money remittances and other financial products and services including social and civic initiatives such as the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and National Old Age Pension Scheme.
  5. To strengthen the business development and marketing division of department of posts.


  1. ‘Project Arrow’ aims to transform the existing India Post infrastructure at an estimated investment of Rs 900 crore across the country. The post offices would undergo a makeover with upgradation of its services through IT enabled procedures.
  2. All the post offices under Project Arrow will look similar.
  3. The most visible aspect would be the colour of the walls — white with a red border.
  4. The counters at such post offices will also have uniformity as with the post boxes.
  5. The counters would be painted red and the chairs and benches white.
  6. The wall facing the writing ledge in the post office would be painted yellow.
  7. The postmen would be given red bags and the staffers would wear red jackets to be worn over their dress.
  8. The internal changes proposed are installation of departmental software, training postal staff and improving the services.
  9. A “Blue Book” will guide the employees of the depeartment on how to do a particular activity and in what time.
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