Procedure for Demand of Grant

Demand Grants are legalised under the Article 113 of the Indian Constitution. They are a form where the expenditure estimates from the Consolidated Fund of India are included in the annual financial statement presented in the parliament to be voted upon. This usually happens in the month of April when the new financial year is to begin. 

The Demand for Grants is organised in a Ministry wise fashion and the demand of each ministry is presented separately for the major services proposed. But in the case of large ministries at times more than one Demand for grants Is presented to cater to its requirements.  

Each Demand for grants is segregated into: 

  • Statement for total grant 
  • Statement for each item in detail. 

It includes all the provisions which are related to the capital expenditure, revenue expenditure and grants to the State and Union Territory governments. It contains all the details about the loans and advances pertaining to each state. 

Procedure for Demand of grant: 

  • Along with the Annual Budget, the demand for Grant is presented before the Parliament of India for each Ministry and Department of the Government. 
  • Demands for large Ministries are included separately. This is followed by the presentation of totals separately:  
  • Charged and voted expenditures 
  • Capital expenditure and the revenue expenditure  
  • The grand total amount of expenditure of all kinds which is required is presented 
  • The break up of ‘Plan’ and ‘Non-plan’ expenditure is also declared and the amount received 
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