Prime Minister’s Speech on Independence Day : Main Points

Note: Shri Manmohan Singh is fourth prime Minister to deliver a speech from red fort for the fifth time in a row.
Other records:
Jawahar lal Nehru : 17 times
Indira Gandhi : 16 times
Atal Bihari Vajpayee : 6 times
Rajiv Gandhi : 5 times
The following are the Main Points of Prime Minister man Mohan Singh’s speech from Red fort on August 15, 2009:
  1. Prime Minister warned the hoarders and black marketeers
  2. No need to panic in the face of H1N1 flu. No disruption of daily lives.
  3. Govt. Will ensure that benefits of development reach all sections of society and all regions and citizens of the country
  4. Restoring growth rate to 9 percent is the greatest challenge India faces
  5. Prime Minister appealed to businessmen and industrialists to join in effort to tackle difficult situation and fulfil their social obligations
  6. Expressed concern over deficiency in the monsoon. We will provide all possible assistance to our farmers to deal with the drought
  7. Date for repayment of farmers’ bank loans postponed. Additional support given to farmers for payment of interest on short term crop loans
  8. India has adequate stocks of foodgrain.
  9. All efforts will be made to control rising prices of foodgrain, pulses and other goods of daily use
  10. India needs another Green Revolution.
  11. The goal is four percent annual growth in agriculture; achievable in the next five years.
  12. Food security law to be enacted soon
  13. Benefit of ICDS to be extended to every child below the age of six by March 2012
  14. NREGA programme to be improved to bring in more transparency and accountability
  15. Right to Education Act has been enacted,Money will not be a constraint.
  16. Expansion of secondary education.
  17. Bank loans and scholarships to be provided to the maximum number of students. New scheme to help students from economically weaker sections get educational loans at reduced interest rates; This will benefit about five lakh students in technical and professional courses
  18. Expansion of National Rural Health Mission to cover every family below the poverty line
  19. Extra funds allocated for Bharat Nirman
  20. Accelerated efforts to improve physical infrastructure; construction of 20 km of national highways every day
  21. Indian Railways have started work on dedicated freight corridors
  22. Special monitoring of the Road, rail and civil aviation projects being implemented in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states.
  23. Rajiv Awas Yojna launched to make the country slum free
  24. India to meet the challenge of climate change through eight national missions
  25. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, aimed at increasing the use of solar energy and making it affordable, will be launched on Nov 14
  26. India needs a new culture of energy conservation.
  27. More attention required to programmes for water collection and storage.
  28. “Save Water” should be one of our national slogans
  29. Upgradation of Security forces to root out terrorism
  30. Govt. will extend all help to the state governments to make their police forces more effective.
  31. Emphasis on removal of causes of social and economic dissatisfaction which give rise to problems like Naxalism
  32. More Funds for special schemes for development of districts with concentration of minorities
  33. Bill to prevent communal violence has been introduced in parliament.
  34. We must eliminate female foeticide.
  35. Committment to the early passage of the Women’s reservation bill . Govt. working on legislation to provide 50 percent reservation for women in rural and urban local bodies.
  36. National Female Literacy Mission to be launched. This programme aims to reduce female illiteracy by half in three years
  37. Govt. accepted recommendations of the committee on ex-servicemen’s pensions accepted to benefit 12 lakh retired soldiers and JCOs
  38. Emphasis to make the northeastern states equal partners in the country’s progress
  39. Emphasis to ensure that human rights are respected in Jammu and Kashmir and all its citizens are able to live in peace and dignity in an environment of safety and security
  40. Need to make government machinery is corruption free as benefits of good programmes will not reach the people.
  41. Public administration to be more efficient.
  42. Renewed efforts to decentralize public administration through Panchayati Raji institutions.
  43. Initiation for a new partnership between civil society and the government so that tax payers’ money is better spent
  44. Improvement in the Right to Information Act to be improved to make it is more effective and enhance accountability and transparency
  45. Unique Identification Authority of India set up. First set of identity numbers expected to be available in the next one to one-and-a-half years
  46. Our higest duty will be Nation building.

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