Policy on Promotion of City Compost

In January 2016, the Union Cabinet has approved a Policy on Promotion of City Compost. To scale up production and consumption of city compost, a provision has been made for Market development assistance of Rs.1,500 per metric ton of city compost. Market development assistance would lower MRP of city compost for farmers. Fertilizer companies and marketing entities will be roped to co-market City Compost through their dealers’ network. Villages will be adopted by the companies for promoting the use of compost. Government Departments and Public Sector undertakings will also use City Compost for their horticulture and related uses.

Benefits of composting

Compost form city garbage would provide carbon and other essential nutrients to soil. Composting can reduce the volume of waste to landfill by converting the waste into useful by-products. This prevents the production of greenhouse gases like methane and toxic material that pollutes ground water.

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