Other sites of Indus Valley Civilization

It was the eastern boundary of the Indus Valley Civilization. The evidences say that this site developed in mature harappan phase.

Kot Diji:

Kot Diji was a pre-harappan site and located on the left bank of River Sindh.

  • This city was destructed by Force or some fire.
  • A tar is the major object found here. Statues of bull and mother goddess are other things found in Kot diji.


Amri was also a pre-harappan culture. It has given an impression of pre and post harappan culture.



Ropar in Punjab was excavated under Y D Sharma. There is another site Bara near Ropar, which shows an evidence of the decaying culture of pre harappan era.


Mittathal is located in the Bhiwani district of Haryana. A terracotta cartwheel has been found. Weights of stones have also been found. The evidence of residence outside a Citadel have been found in Mittathal. The site gives evidences of rise, flourishing and fall of Harappa civilization.



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