One Year Programme : The Content & Technology:

The content of GKToday’s Masters Programme is in PDF files. These files are ready to print and study. We are not using the blogging platform for this purpose. Instead, we are using the simplest Google groups, to create a forum as well as a mailing list for the candidates. You shall receive one email containing one PDF document with all the content for the day.
Please note that Everyday here means “Almost Every day “
  1. Every day you shall receive the content as PDF email attachments from this group’s email address.
  2. We are starting to cover the current events/ news from July 5, 2010 till May 2011. This will create a database in your computer which shall be accessible to you offline, whenever or wherever you wish to access. So, you need internet connectivity to just download your emails. You can create a folder on your desktop or “My documents” in your computer and keep saving the files in that folder for your future reference and offline reading.
  3. Those who join after July 5, 2010, Must have a Google ID to download previous material.
  4. The First Mock test will be based upon the content of One Week. The second Mock test will be based upon the content of two weeks. The third mock test will be based upon the content of the 3 weeks. This ensures that you retain, what you have read in the past. I have promised you to provide 52 Mock tests. The 52nd Mock test will cover the content of the last 52 weeks. However, if we are able to cover the syllabus a few weeks before the stipulated time, we shall increase the number of the Mock Tests (but this is not a promise).
  5. Every Mock test will come to you as two PDF files viz. Test and Solution. You shall open the test file first and attempt it without any assistance. These tests are to be self administered. You shall check the score from the “solutions” file. You may print them, or check your progress on computer itself. Since the mock tests are based upon the content itself, you will need to score 100% in every test. A less than 100% score should make you to go through the whole content again.
  6. You will be required to read the content everyday to develop a consistency. The content is reliable, up to date and needs to be studied carefully.

The structure of the Content is As Follows:

  1. Study material of the conventional subjects. Approximately 10-15 pages of notes providing you relevant notes from a particular topic as per the syllabus and tentative schedule given in the annexure, memorable points.
  2. Current Affairs Updates: Events of National and International importance and relevant fact boxes / knowledge bits. There will be no Backlogs. The updates would be covering each day including Sundays. The updates would start from July 5, 2010 and continue till May 5, 2011.
  3. Weekly Mock Test: Each Saturday (or Sunday) , there will be a Mock Test with Objective (Multiple Choice Questions for Self Assessment). A minimum of 50 Mock Test Papers shall be covering the entire syllabus and will comprise 150 questions each. We begin with the easy Mock Test Papers and raise the difficulty level and the topics covered as we move on. With “Minimum” we mean to say, that we may increase the number of Mock tests, as we move towards concluding this programme.
  4. Transparent Group Study:
    You shall always be able to see how many people have joined this programme and will be able to communicate with any other member of the group after a certain number of members join the group.
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