Non-state actors as creation of state in context with Pakistan

  • Non-state actors such as Mujahideen and Taliban are creation of Pakistan and role of state in their birth is an open secret. Pakistan created them to use them to achieve concealed objectives against both India and Afghanistan.
  • However, the groups instead have carved a comfort zone and strategic niche for themselves in Pakistan itself. So, the so-called political and strategic assets of Pakistan have backfired and the backlash has been hard to bear. The recent rate of violence perpetrated by these groups on Pakistani soil has reinforced the beliefs that Pakistan has been riding a lion and now can’t get off easily and on its own terms.
  • Many incidents point to the fact that Pakistan has been bitten hard by terrorism. The brutal attack on Peshawar school by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan as an act of revenge against Army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb, in which about 137 children were massacred is one such happening.
  • Many reports point to the fact that the maximum number of terrorist killings in 2013 took place in Pakistan after Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Nigeria. As many as 15,000 security people have lost their lives.
  • Pakistan has been in a constant state of denial about terrorism emanating from its soil. It has to take onus of its own war and not keep brushing it under the rug. The government has not come out categorically against the menace at local, regional or international level. This has escalated the scale and extent of terrorist activities which thrive fearlessly on its soil.

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