Muziris Heritage Project

Muziris was an ancient sea port on the Malabar Coast in Kerala which served as one of the world’s greatest trading center in East. As per historical records, the port was used for trade of goods ranging from spices to precious stones with Greeks, Romans and rest of the World during 3rd century BC to 4th century AD. The port also has its name mentioned in the Sangam literature and is also designated as the first place from where Christianity entered India. Besides all these, the Muziris region was well known for its warmth and hospitality towards people of all cultures and religions. With the passage of time, the port lost its glory and identity.

To bring back the past glory and to revive its lost legacy, the Kerala Government has initiated the concept of the Muziris Heritage Project.

Reasons for decline of Muziris port

The Muziris Heritage Site area stretches from parts of Ernakulam district to parts of Thrissur district. It is believed to have been destroyed in 14th century by a massive flood in the main Periyar River. This flood blocked water access to the port & changed its demographics to a great extent. The only thing which remains today is remnants of ancient past.

Features of the Muziris Heritage Project

  • The Project will be the first Green Project of the Government of Kerala.
  • The project envisages at reconstructing the port, numerous monuments and museums with the help of local community.
  • The total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 94 Crore and a further Rs. 10 Crore to be spent for infrastructure development.
  • The project is billed as India’s largest heritage conservation plan.
  • A research and academic institution will support the project’s development.

Objectives behind the project

The key objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To promote awareness and understanding of the cultural distinctiveness and diversity of Muziris.
  2. To conserve cultural heritage and safeguard them for the present and future generations {sustainable development}.
  3. To boost the tourism industry in Kerala

Further, this project also might supplement the “Project Mausam” of India’s culture ministry in helping creation of cultural links with India’s maritime neighbours.

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