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Districts of Sikkim:
Sikkim has four districts viz. East Sikkim, West Sikkim, North Sikkim and South Sikkim. Gangtok which is capital of Sikkim is also district capital of East Sikkim. Geyzing, Mangan and Namchi are district capitals of West Sikkim, North Sikkim and South Sikkim respectively.

Party Symbols of some Regional parties:
DMK- Rising Sun, AIDMK – Two leaves, MDMK – Top,PMK Mango

Centre William Rappard Building:
Centre William Rappard is known as the first building in Geneva designed to house an international organization and was originally occupied by International labour Organization. ILO`s office was shifted to Grand Saconnex. Later it was occupied by GATT which was replaces by World Trade Organization in 1995.

Rolling Settlements:
Here T stands for a Trade Day. In the Rolling Settlements, 3 or 5 denotes after how many trading days the trades done on the T day will be settled by payment of monies/delivery of securities. Rolling Settlements are the international best practice recommended by group of 30. In India rolling settlements started from June 2000 for some shares. later in June 2001 SEBI mandated this practice for all shares on T+5 basis. Since 2004, T+2 practice is followed.

Genesis of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
In 1982 Department of Non-conventional Energy Resources was created under Ministry of Energy. It was upgraded to Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Resources in 1992. In October 2006 Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Resources was converted into Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

2009 Monsoon:
Economic Survey 2009-10 says that 2009 monsoon was 23% less than average and it was worst monsoon since 1972. only one in three of the total 39 meteorological divisions registered normal rainfall last year; and water reservoirs were filled to only 60% of their capacity, a level that was nearly 10% less than the decade`s average.
BT Cotton:
An statement was released by Monsanto India that its scientists had confirmed Bt cotton fields in four districts in Gujarat were susceptible to the pest.

Rajasthan in NREGA’s Funds:
The state has received Rs5,942 crore, or 19% of the total Rs31,149 crore released by New Delhi this financial year till 11 March under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). It is followed by Uttar Pradesh, allocated Rs4,726 crore, or 15% of total funds, and Andhra Pradesh, with Rs3,781 crore, or 12%. The Budget allocation for NREGA in 2009-10 is Rs39,100 crore.Rajasthan received the largest chunk of NREGA funds in 2008-09 as well.

Corpus Fund for Foreign Universities Bill:
The Universities have to deposit Rs50 crore as a corpus fund and would not be able to repatriate the surplus generated from education activities here.

FDI in Education:
100% foreign direct investment has been permitted in the education sector since 2000, the present legal structure does not allow overseas educational institutions to offer degrees in the country.

Highest Growth of Indian Economy:
India`s economy in 2006-07 had expanded by 9.7%, the fastest growth post-liberalization

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