Me, My readers and A run around the Sun …..

“The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more new things he will try. I would never promote to a top-level job a man who was not making mistakes…otherwise he is sure to be mediocre.”

–Peter F Druker,

Management Guru & Philosopher

Dear Friends,
Exactly one year ago, I set off this blog. Another run around the Sun begins from tomorrow. This one year has gone like one second and today I thought to share some feelings with my readers.
Source of Motivation:
” Give a lecture to a thousand people.One walks out and says,I’m going to change my life.” Another one walks out with a yawn and says,”I’ve heard all this before.”Why is that? Why wouldn’t both be affected the same way?Another mystery.

Failure can be motivating. But for the author of this blog , his own failure could never motivate him to start this venture. In my message I have accepted that I am not a successful person. I am one among millions of those people who could not succeed in what they ever wished to succeed. However for me, success came in another form. It was in the shape of selection of my first student and my younger brother in the Rajasthan Judicial Services. This success motivated me to work for thousands of people and contribute my part to bring success in many lives.

(Image: Me & My Brother, Satya Prakash, Judicial Magistrate , Sojat City, Rajasthan)

Source of Inspiration : My Readers
I have been using Google Analytics to analyze the traffic coming to my site. Do you know that 70% of the visitors come to this site searching for these 4 keywords: gktoday, , & general knowledge today. Just Check this snippet by clicking on it …..

This proves that they searched on Google or other search engines after they were referred by their friends about this blog. This has been the biggest source of inspiration for me. My website has been visited by 10 lakh unique visitors in this year. Word of mouth is still the best marketing and my readers have done it for me. My readers have taken the job of promoting this site and have worked hard for me day and night without any return.

I call Google my godfather. The wonderful Blogger platform of Google Inc. could provide me an opportunity to share my knowledge with younger generation of my country.

Of course the Google search engine works for this blog round the clock.

I feel that Wikipedia is the best gift of humankind to humankind. Millions of decisions are made everyday on the basis of this great platform. I spent almost half of my time on wikipedia and I suggest all the young people to explore this excellent source of info every day…

The strength of this blog has been reliability. I have tried honestly to provide the most reliable information to my readers. Being a human of course, I do commit mistakes, but accepting the mistakes and eliminating the errors has been the top priority.

The biggest weakness of this blog has been of not being able to provide the regular updates. Since the idea conceived in the beginning was to provide daily updates along with a daily quiz and make it a complete source of info, yet perhaps we lacked in that.. However in the new year, I have plans to make it more strong by providing daily updates and 3-4 current articles every week. Sports section was not covered. There is not enough number of quizzes on vocabulary practice. There is no grammar. There are no quantitative aptitude content and no metal ability. Current articles are not updated frequently. These are some of the weak areas , which I have in mind and will try to eliminate in the new year.

Opportunities :
Millions of people search everyday for reliable source of information which consumes their lesser time and provides more info. The ever increasing number of Internet users in our country motivates the author to now make a team and move forward with more confidence.
The biggest threat has been plagiarism and my fellow bloggers & webmasters agree with it. It hinders and demotivates the person who uses all his resources to create nice content. Plagiarism must be taken seriously.

Future Plans & Vision :
GkToday is here to stay….We wish to create a team and work hard and make it a good source of reference. We need our readers active participation in advising us on how to improve. There should be a daily quiz for advance learners and another quiz for new learners. Apart from this, there is a strong need to start updates on Sports, more quizzes on Vocabulary Practice, English Grammar, QT and Mental ability. The updates need to be provided daily….

Lot of work has to be done ……

Thank You my Readers You have given a new life to the author of this blog and now I have decided to work for you only for rest of my life……………..

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  • Vaibhav Rikhari

    Happy birthday :-).It seems like a family …everyday I wake up and until I open gtktoday …I feel something is missing.

    All credit goes to you …A million thanks for this…You are creating a knowledge base ..I hope it will illuminate thousand of lives …Cheers !

  • кυмαя

    I thank you on the behalf of all curious minds who visit this amazing platform to get daily dose of Knowledge .Through your blog i have came to know lozds of new things and facts.Please keep the good work continue cheers

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday to GkT baby… It started crawling last year and now its running in a high pace. Long Live GKT.

  • rajesh

    Happy Birthday GKTODAY!
    I heartfully wish you many more successful years ahead! You have been doing an "Awesome" job sir!
    By god's grace, i came to know about this blog in one of the Communities in Orkut. I really feel lucky to find this blog. And now, i'm recommending this blog to all my friends who are in need of reliable information.
    Right now, i'm preparing for Bank P.Os.
    Previously, G.K and Current affairs were my weak areas, and i used to be very strong in the other areas. I was very confused about, which are the reliable books for G.K. But now, i really got some hope and confidence when i saw this blog. This is all because of YOU sir!
    Thanks a million for creating this wonderful blog sir! I believe, thousands of youngsters like me are being benefited from this awesome creation! You will have blessings from thousands of people like me and you will surely scale greater heights.
    Sir, i really mean all the words above.
    Thanks a lot sir!

  • Anonymous

    happy b'day gkt. great work sir
    keep it up

  • ravi12

    get work sir….thanks a ton for helping..god bless u……….

  • abhijeet gaurav

    It's not us sir that is promoting this site….It's the quality of your materials….and people will always flock to good-quality things. I feel good to know that my first bookmark on the internet is going to better itself in the New year…Wish you all the success ahead….Happy b'day GKT.

  • Praveen

    Hats Off Brother not for doing this job but for doing it consistently. Not all Humans have a habit of consistency. Uve accomplished much more than U believe for RIGHT ATTITUDE is very hard to develop. U hav a lot of it. Ive been reading Ur blog for the last 6 months and I too assumed that U'll be fed up in a few days like Ive always been.
    I dont believe in God but for U let "God Bless U"


    I'm inspired by tis message of urs.
    not all humans have the courage to accept their shortcomings, but most have the tendency to take their success to their head… i find that this humanly quality of urs make u godly.. I really admire u for writing tis from ur heart.
    True to agree with my friends here.. without opening ur site daily, i find myself missing something that day.
    and wish u all the success for all that u endeavor… not much to say about ur confidence, persistence, hardwork, sincerity, tendency to correct mistakes, which all the readers here have inspired from u like me…

  • rahul

    a very happy budday…………..u r doing a wonderful job……..just keep going we are all with u.

  • Shreenidhi

    Happy Birthday GKToday….

    It's wonderful to know that GKtoday is celebrating its first birthday.

    From past 8 months i m the follower of this site and i am really grateful to you for providing such a valuable information which in turn has helped me to do better & better in exams.

    Thank a Ton God Bless you……..

    GKToday Rocks………

  • Rahul

    Wishing You my heartiest congratulations on completing one year successfully !!!

    I have been a regular reader of ur site for almost six months or so. I found it too good and informational that I have quit idea of starting my own blog for the same. This site has been inspirational for me when i look at all the hard work put in by you. you have a very nice, dogged persuasion. Keep it up buddy.
    There are some peculiar things about this site which i like the most :
    1. Quiz section — awesome
    2. Articles on some topics ( current affairs) — rocking

    It would be really awesome if you can include some very important info on the psu exams like IAS, NTPC, ONGC, SAIL…..

    Wishing u good luck for the future…
    Enjoy and keep up the hard work going…

    This Site Rocks…

    ~ Rahul Goel

  • the Y

    The last picture in this article says it all – sincerity, dedication and focus! This website is the onestop destination for not only the aspirants of competitive examinations, but also for those who are knowledge hungry in general.
    Everytime I read your story, your struggle and your never-say-die spirit, I feel inspired. You are a benchmark. And a big one at that!!!
    I hope the journey u have embarked on will become even more beautiful as we move on….

    I also hope, trivial though it may sound, that this endeavor brings you financial prosperity. The potential is immense. Inspite of a plethora of coaching institutes, there is hardly any credible and authoritative institution.

    I hope someday you open a University of General Knowledge offering courses in current affairs!

    til then, let the show go on…..

    – the Y

  • arush

    Happy Birthday GKToday…
    sir realy u r doing great job….u will get good health,wealth, good wishes.The way u r inspiring us is realy gr8.keep it up
    Wishing u gudluck….
    thnx a lot

  • Anonymous

    Sirjee gr8 work. You are undoubtedly doing immense help to thousands out there. May your tribe thrive!!

    Thousands of thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Happy BirthDay GKToday….

    Thanks a lot sir for all your efforts you are putting in for this site….I am greatful to you

    I hav been following this from June when told by one of my fren and I generally dont miss even a single day ….Missing one day I feel I may be left behind many people …

    Reading this i felt very happy ….bcoz i hav in my life seen many ppl who work only for money and money ….but heres ones person who is putting in his entire efforts to help ppl like us …

    Hats off to you sir ..I mean it with my whole herat ….this is helping many ppl like me ..i think all my frens who are following this site do agree with me ..

    once again thanks a lot sir :)


  • Anonymous

    i am speechless sire, thanks a lot

  • Arv….

    I hope this blog help my friend Abijith.A (who even in his dreams thinks of nothing but IAS) to succeed in IAS Exam..

  • Parallel Universe

    U r a RockStar!!

  • garima

    Happy Birthday GKTODAY.

    I really appreciate your efforts and hard work for students like me.I am very much impressed after reading this blog.I really wanted to know about you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot sir

  • Manisha

    very good work sir
    Thanks a lot

  • victory

    sir, i was referred to this blog by a friend. and here i am, my day begins with 1 hour at this blog, followed by news paper. and as we know the morning sentiments decides the course of the day,.. i feel more motivated towards my goal with every passing day, thanks to you.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Friend…
    I really appreciate this site and masters who post thier articals, blogs etc. and update our Knowledge. Keep it up… man….

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday GKT

    i m a regular vistior of this blog.i was surfing this blog for the past 2 months and i ve gained lots of knowldge and i m in a position to score 80% marks in GA section of BANK Po.Thank u very much sir.may god bless all the readers of this blog.

  • suraj

    remarkable amount of hard work must be going into this every single day! that is why each and every reader like me feels truly enriched after doing it!

  • Anonymous

    you are doing a commendable work for lakhs of aspirants. may god fulfill your all wishes.
    All the very best.
    our sincere wishes are with u ..


  • nidhi

    U R A WINNER !! because even if u r not selected in the civil services and could not serve society by that medium , but u made ur own way and are serving knowledge hungry students whose current updates on various issues is made possible by you.
    so u are still serving society , which was your goal.
    So you have met your goal and blessing of lot of student and in some cases a standard of commitment and hard work.

    So v all r proud of u.