Master Test Series : Preview Test

This is the Preview Test of Our master test Series. Please download the print version which is with hints and explanations.

In the questions with title Bring out The wrong/right statements you have to examine each statement and bring out the answer options which may be more than one.

1.Which of the following cities in India have a titular post called Sheriff?
(A)Kolkata Only
(B)Kolkata & Mumbai
(C)Mumbai , Kolkata & Chennai
(D)Mumbai, Kolkata & Chandigarh
(E)Mumbai Only

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2.Who among the following has written the award winning book “Child Rights and Child Exploitation” based on recent scenario of child rights and exploitation.?
(A)Madhusudan Tripathi
(B)Kaka Kalelkar
(C)Anita Desai
(D)Chetan Bhagat
(E)Mrinal Pande

3.The book named ‘Deeda-i-Aab-e-Rawaan’ deals with which of the following?
(A)History & Culture of Kashmir
(B)Tourism in Kashmir
(C)Flora & Fauna in Kashmir
(D)None of the above
(E)Terrorism in Kashmir

4.An annual international Yoga festival is conducted by Government of which of the following Union Territories of India?
(C)Daman & Diu
(D)Andaman & Nicobar

5.In which of the following states in India, there was a controversial Bill passed in the state assembly for observing a new year?
(A)Andhra Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu
(E)West Bengal

6.In which year , India and Pakistan signed an agreement under which first January of every calendar year, have to inform each other of Nuclear Installations and Facilities?

7.Which among the following is Not Correctly matched?
(A)Imagining India: Ideas for the new century – Nandan Nilkeni
(B)Songs of The Gurus: From Nanak to Gobind Singh- Jaspreet Singh
(C)Kashmir 1947 – 1965: A Story Retold – Manoj Joshi
(D)Unaccustomed Earth- Jhumpa Lahiri
(E)Empires Of Indus – Alice Albinia

8.Since the Fall of the Soviet Union and the nation’s independence in 1991, Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev has served as a president of which of the following country?
(E)None of them

9.The co author of “Bachchanalia: The Films and Memorabilia of Amitabh Bachchan” Bhawana Somaaya has also written an authorized autobiography of which of the following?
(A)Rajesh Khanna
(B)Hema Malini
(C)Aishwarya Ray
(D)Asha Parekh
(E)Manoj Kumar

10.Which among the following is correct about implementation of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan in 11th and 12th plan periods?
(A)Central : State Sharing pattern will be 50:50 for both periods
(B)Central : State Sharing pattern will be 75:25 for both periods
(C)Central : State Sharing pattern will be 50:50 for 11th Plan and 75:25 for 12th Plan
(D)Central : State Sharing pattern will be 75:25 for 11th Plan and 50:50 for 12th Plan
(E)None of the above

11.United Nations Relief and Works Agency is a relief and human development agency, providing education, health care, social services and emergency aid to which of the following?
(A)Palestinian refugees
(B)Jewish refugees
(C)Refugees in Asia
(D)Sudanese refugees in Egypt
(E)Afgan Refugees

12.Bharat Rang Mahotsav is organized every year by which of the following?
(A)National School of Drama
(B)Bhartendu Natya Academy
(C)Sahitya Kala Academy
(D)Ministry Of Culture, India
(E)None of the above

13.Which among the following award is not conferred by Central / State Government in India?
(A)Kalidas Samman
(B)Padma Shri
(C)National Film Awards
(D)Bharat Jyoti Award
(E)Lata mangeshkar Award

14.Dahsala was a Land revenue system introduced Akbar which counted average produce of how long to calculate state’s share?
(A)10 Years
(B)12 Years
(C)5 Years
(D)3 years
(E)Every Year

15.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)The Act of 1786 corrected the anomalies of Pitts India Act of 1784.
(B)After Charter Act of 1833 East India Company’s Monopoly Trade with China was Lost
(C)The Indian Council Act 1861 strengthened the Viceroy’s Authority over His Executive Council by substituting Portfolios or departmental system for corporate functioning
(D)The Government of India Act 1858 replaced the Board of control with secretary of State for India
(E)All correctly matched

16.Which among the following is not a correct statement?
(A)Mostly Jain religious language and spiritual literature of Siddhas was composed in Apabhramsa language
(B)Akbar defeated Maharana Pratap in the Battle of haldi Ghati
(C)Shahnama was a work of Firdausi
(D)Invasion of Timur destroyed the Khilji Dynasty
(E)Peshwas became the official head of Maratha administration in 1748 AD

17.Which among the following statements are not correct?
(A)The Abolished jagir system of alauddin Khilji was later revived by Feroz shash Tughlaq
(B)The extent of the empire under the Muslim Sultans of Delhi was the greatest during the reign of Alauddin Khilji
(C)Daulat Khan Lodhi Invited Babur to invade India
(D)Mohammed Bin Tughlaq wished to escape the Mongolian Invasion so he decided to shift the Capital from Delhi to Devgiri
(E)All are correct

18.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)Habeas Corpus – against wrongful detection
(B)Mandamus – Enforcement of fundamental rights
(C)Prohibition – Forbids a lower court to perform an act which is outside the jurisdiction
(D)Quo Warranto – restrains a person from acting in a public office to which he is not entitled
(E)Certiorari – against infringement of legal rights

19.Best Braille Press awards were instituted by Central Government in which year to mark the birth bi-centenary of Louis Braille.?

20.Beighton Cup is related to which of the following sports ?
(B)Field Hockey
(D)Table Tennis
(E)Basket Ball

21.European Union is the responsibility for the functioning of the Council of the European Union which is rotated between European Union member states in every___?
(A)1 year
(B)2 year
(C)3 year
(E)6 months

22.Which among the following is not correctly matched? (The work done during the period of rulers)
(A)Tarik-i-hind – Mahmud of Ghazani
(B)Tabaqat-i – Nasiri – Mohammed Ghori
(C)Hast Bihisht – Alauddin Khilji
(D)Fatwa – I – Jahandari – Tughlaqs
(E)All are correctly matched

23.Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah whose original name was Hasan Gangu or Hansan Kanku and also bore the title of Zafar Khan was the founder of the Bahmani sultanate. He selected Gulbarga as his capital and renamed it as ?

24.bring out the incorrect sentences:
(A)English and French fought in Karnataka in 18th century
(B)Hyder Ali who was defeated by Warren Hastings in 1781 , was a great scholar
(C)Bernier who was a famous French traveler was a Physician
(D)First Battle of Panipat marks the real beginning of Mughal Empire
(E)The Portuguese rule in India ended in 1961

25.Bring out the wrong statement regarding the Human Development Index 2009:
(A)Norway is on the top of the list with 0.971
(B)The title of the report was” Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development
(C)Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq and Indian economist Amartya Sen sen developed this index in 1990
(D)India which is on 134 rank
(E)India is ranked among Low human development countries.

26.In context with the “Self Sufficiency ” in Food in India , bring out the incorrect statements:
(A)The green revolution has been restricted to small pockets of the country
(B)The cost of food is too high compared to earnings of the poor
(C)In the green revolution too much emphasis was laid upon on wheat and paddy
(D)The gains of the green revolution have largely accrued to the cash crop rather than food crops
(E)all are correct statements

27.Which among the following is a wrong statement regarding the five year plans:
(A)After third plan fourth plan was postponed for 2 years
(B)The annual growth rate of the national income was recorded lowest during 3rd plan till now
(C)Five year plans are finally approved by the cabinet committee of economic affairs
(D)Planning in India is totalitarian in Nature
(E)All are correct statements

28.In context with the land tenure system in pre independence era, bring out the wrong statements:
(A)In the zamindari system The zamindars were free to extort any revenue from the tenants
(B)In Mahalwari system the individual farmers could remit the tax without any intermediary
(C)Ryotwari system was imposed first in Madras and Bombay and parts of Assam
(D)William Bentick Introduced the Mahalwari system
(E)All are correct statements

29.Bring out the wrong Statement
(A)Second Plan targeted to achieve a 25% increase in national income by rapid industrialization
(B)Third Plan could not be implemented due to a series of crisis in India
(C)Nationalization of Banks was done during Third Plan Period
(D)Fifth Plan was terminated before its term completion
(E)Economic Liberalization followed a plan holiday

30.Bring out the wrong statements:
(A)Targets in all five years plans were set in relation to GDP at factor cost
(B)Vision 2020 is inspired by a book by APJ Abdul Kalam
(C)Under NREGA, if a worker applied for a job and not provided he/ she is liable to get allowance after 15 days
(D)The economic crisis which followed a Indo Chinese war was saved by a bumper crop in 1967-68
(E)First Oil Shock occurred in 1971

31.Bring out the wrong statements:
(A)Liquidity Adjustment facility is used by RBI to adjust liquidity on Day to Day basis
(B)Both Chakravarty Committee and Narsimhamam Committee were related to reforms in Indian Money market
(C)Selling of government securities through auction at fixed cut off rate of interest is called Repo
(D)Term loan, cash credit , overdraft or bills discounted on default for 6 months or more are NPA
(E)All banks should make 100% provision for all loss assets or NPAs over a period of 2 years

32.In which year ‘National Ganga River Basin Authority’ (NGRBA) was established?

33.Which of the following state government constituted a committee in first half of 2009 with Vappala Balachandran as its member?
(E)Tamil nadu

34.bring out the incorrect Statements:
(A)The only land tenure system prevailing in the country at the time of Independence was Zamindari
(B)Agriculture is the main support to the tertiary sector of economy
(C)Green Revolution increased the production of Rice, Wheat and Pulses many fold.
(D)Procurement prices are fixed at higher levels as compared to the MSP
(E)The National Agricultural Insurance Scheme was introduced in 1999-2000

35.Who among the following is the first ever head of a nation indicted by the International criminal Court accusing of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes ?
(A)Omar al-Bashir
(B)Arnold Meri
(C)Sani Abacha
(D)Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
(E)Saddam Hussain

36.Which of the following dates is observed as Tibetan Uprising Day?
(A)April 13
(B)March 10
(C)September 6
(D)November 5
(E)December 10

37.Which among the following is not a Olympic Sport?
(E)Tug of war

38.Which among the following is correct about “Guiding Light”?
(A)It’s a Book which won Man Booker prize in 2009
(B)It’s a movie which won Oscar Awards in 2009
(C)It’s a Music Album which won Grammy Award in 2009
(D)It’s a TV Programme which was discontinued in 2009
(E)None of the above

39.Bring out the Incorrectly matched pair:
(A)Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Secretary General NATO
(B)Klaus Welle – Secretary General of European parliament
(C)Ban Ki-moon – Secretary General United Nations
(D)Kamalesh Sharma – Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations
(E)Nabih Berri – Secretary General Arab League

40.Bring Out the incorrect Match :
(A)Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground : North Korea
(B)Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center ; China
(C)Base 603 : United States
(D)Sonmiani Satellite Launch Center – Pakistan
(E)Tanegashima Space Center – Japan

41.In which of the following summits a proposal to radically reform the International Monetary Fund & provision of US$ 500 aid was put forward?
(A)G-20 Pittsburgh summit 2009
(B)G-20 Washington summit 2008
(C)G-20 London summit London
(D)G8 La Aquila Summit 2009
(E)None of the above

42.Port of Spain is the capital of which of the following?
(C)Trinidad and Tobago

43.Which of the following universities of USA awards / administers Pulitzer Prize for achievements in newspaper journalism, literature and musical composition?
(A)University of Florida
(B)California University
(C)Duke University
(D)University of Pennsylvania
(E)Columbia University

44.TecSAR of ISRAEL was equipped with synthetic aperture radar successfully launched at 03:45 GMT (09:15 local time) on 21 January 2008, by an India’s PSLV rocket, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
Israel in return provided to India the synthetic aperture radar for which of the following satellites?
(D)Oceansat 2

45.Bring out the Incorrectly matched pair:
(A)Moon Impact Probe – India
(B)Chang’e 1 – China
(C)Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – USA
(D)Hiten – North Korea
(E)All correctly matched

46.Which of the following Indian neighbor decided to increase its defense by 14.9 % budget in 2009?
(E)Sri Lanka

47.Consider the options A & B and answer from Options C,D & E
(A)Indian parliament is a sovereign body
(B)Federal structure provides parliament extensive powers so that it is regarded as a sovereign body
(C)Both A & B are Correct
(D)Only A is correct
(E)Both A & B are incorrect

48.Who among the following is the Chairman of Business Advisory Committee of Lok Sabha?
(A)Prime Minister
(B)Finance Minister
(D)Deputy Speaker
(E)None of them

49.Which among the following is a Government Bill ?
(A)Introduced by a Member of Lok Sabha
(B)Introduced by Member of parliament
(C)Introduced by a member of Ruling party / alliance
(D)Introduced by a Minister
(E)None of the above

50.At which of the following stage of legislative procedure of an ordinary bill no amendments can be proposed?
(A)Second Reading
(B)Third Reading
(C)Committee stage
(D)Report Stage
(E)None of the above

51.A money bill is passed by Lok Sabha and transmitted to Rajya Sabha. Rajya Sabha didn’t made any recommendation till 14days . What is next?
(A)The money bill is deemed to be passed in Lok Sabha Only
(B)The money bill is deemed to be passed in Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha
(C)The money bill is deemed to be not passed
(D)The Lok Sabha re transmits the bill to Rajya Sabha.
(E)None of them

52.Which among the following are NOT correct statements?
(A)Almost two third of Indian constitution is Borrowed /Influenced by constitutions of other countries
(B)Indian constitution is the bulkiest constitution of the world
(C)All provisions of the constitution can be amended by two third majority only
(D)Indian constitution provides universal Adult Franchise
(E)All the fundamental duties were added to the constitution by 42nd Amendment Act 1976

53.Which of the following state was reorganized based on the recommendations of Shah Commission?
(A)State of Bombay
(E)None of them

54.The people of Indian origin residing in how many countries can cast their votes ?
(A)One only
(B)5 countries
(C)16 countries
(D)11 countries

55.The 44th Amendment of Indian Constitution is related to which of the following?
(A)Elimination of Right to property
(B)Extension of Reservation for SC/ST
(C)Land Reforms
(D)President’s Rule
(E)None of them

56.Bring out the wrong statement about Constitutional remedies?
(A)This right was described as “The heart and soul of the Constitution”
(B)It is related to enforcement of Fundamental rights
(C)Only supreme court enjoys the concurrent jurisdiction and any person can approach to Supreme court for enforcement of his/ her fundamental rights
(D)Supreme court only can issue various writs in this regard (enforcement of fundamental rights)
(E)All of above are correct statements

57.Bring out the wrong statements :
(A)Directive principles are not enforceable through courts
(B)The directive principles are subordinate to the fundamental rights
(C)42nd Amendment Bill has further widened the scope of directive principles
(D)Securing opportunities for healthy development of Children was added in the directive principles in 1976
(E)Promotion of Cottage Industries is not covered in Directive Principles.

58.Which of the following amendments freezed the delimitation of constituencies up to 2026?

59.From how many constituencies a person can contest for the Lok Sabha?
(A)One only
(B)Maximum 2
(C)maximum 3
(D)maximum 5
(E)No limit

60.In which of the following years the office of the Opposition leader was created ?

61.Which among the following is correct about induced magnetism?
(A)Iron can be easily magnetized even in weaker magnetic fields and it has greater retentivity (keeps the magnetism for longer time)
(B)Iron can not be easily magnetized but it has greater retentivity (keeps the magnetism for longer time)
(C)Steel requires stronger magnetic fields to get magnetized yet it has greater magnetic retentitivity
(D)Steel requires stronger magnetic fields to get magnetized but has lesser magnetic retentivity
(E)None of them are correct

62.Which among the following is a correct statement?
(A)Intrinsic semiconductors can be converted to extrinsic semiconductors by doping
(B)extrinsic semiconductors can be converted into intrinsic semiconductors by doping
(C)doping is used in all kinds of semiconductors to make them more stable
(D)using doping one can make the number of excited electrons and the number of holes equal
(E)None of the above statements is correct

63.In the extraction of which of the metal cyanide process is commonly used?
(E)None of the,

64.Bring out the incorrect statements:
(A)Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound found in nature
(B)Goiter is most common in sub Himalayan region
(C)Vitamins and minerals are called protective foods
(D)Mango is a richest source of ascorbic acid
(E)The vaccine discovered was of Cholera

65.Bring out the incorrect statements:
(A)Scurvy is associated with the deficiency of Vitamin C
(B)The sulphates and chlorides of hard water don’t react with soap
(C)Acetylene is used for faster ripening of fruits
(D)Anemometer can be used for detecting and measuring the electric current
(E)All are correct statements

66.Bring out the wrong statements:
(A)White Phosphorus is one of the component in heads of safety matchsticks
(B)Hydrochloric Acid ionizes completely so it is a stronger acid than vinegar
(C)Achromatopsia is referred to by another name of color blindness
(D)Sodium is required element for plant growth
(E)all are correct

67.Which of the following plants crops has highest photosynthetic activity?
(E)None of them

68.Amino Acids are required for the metabolism of which of the following?
(A)Proteins only
(B)proteins and fats
(C)Proteins, fats and minerals
(D)proteins, fats and carbohydrates
(E)None of them

69.Which among the following is a reason of “Drag Forces”?

70.Which among the following is the basic functionality of a Microphone?
(A)Sound Energy converted to Electrical Energy
(B)Electrical energy converted to Sound Energy
(C)Electromagnetic waves converted to sound waves
(D)Sound waves converted to electromagnetic waves.
(E)None of them

71.Multi-Agency Centre in India is related to which of the following?
(A)Export promotion
(B)Intelligence and Internal Security
(C)Domestic Trade promotion
(D)Cultural Development
(E)None of the above

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72.Pragati III is a Gas based power project located at which of the following states in India?
(C)Uttar Pradesh
(D)New Delhi

73.What is the upper limit of FDI in India in the facsimile editions of international editions of New papers in India?
(E)none of them

74.In which regions of India a militant organization MULTA is active?
(B)North East
(C)Bihar and Chhattisgarh

75.Which among the following marks ISRO’s first satellite Export ?
(E)None of them

76.Out of total 34 global biodiversity hotspots, that is, biologically rich areas facing severe conservation threats of the world, India is a how to how many of them?

77.Which among the following district does not come in NCR?

78.Which of the following state government confers “Krishi pandit awards” to Farmers?
(B)Uttar Pradesh

79.How many foreign nationals have been conferred with the Bharat Ratna till date?
(E)More than 3

80.Hopman Cup is related to which of the following sports?

81.bring out the incorrect year of establishment:
(A)Lalit Kala Academy : 1954
(B)National School of Drama : 1975
(C)Sahitya Academy : 1954
(D)Archaeological survey of India : 1861
(E)Asiatic Society : 1784

82.Match the incorrect pair:
(A)central secretariat Library : New Delhi
(B)Ramakrishn Mission Institute of Culture : Kolkata
(C)National Institute of kathak Dance: Jaipur
(D)central institute of Buddhist studies – Leh
(E)all correctly matched

83.Arrange the Options A,B,C,D,E in correct chronological order:
(A)Lord Minto
(B)Lord Hastings
(C)Lord Wellesley
(D)Warren Hastings
(E)Lord William Bentick

84.The only NAM summit was held in New Delhi in 1983. Where this summit was originally planned to held for?

85.Army Day is celebrated on January 15 every year in India. What does this date signify ?
(A)Indian troops secured state of Hyderabad in 1948
(B)India’s victory in Indo Pakistan war of 1965
(C)Lieutenant General (later Field Marshal) K. M. Cariappa becoming the first Indian Commander-in-Chief in 1948
(D)Creation of Military Department in the Supreme Government of the East India Company at Kolkata
(E)Inception of Indian National Army by Subhash Chandra Bose

86.Which among the following is located in the Mediterranean Sea?
(A)San Marino
(D)Marshall Islands

87.Which among the following is world’s most populous Urban Area ?
(A)National Capital Region India
(B)Greater Tokyo Area
(C)Mumbai, India
(D)Jakarta Indonesia
(E)Manila Philippines

88.Which of the following countries has the maximum number of neighbors?

89.As per the census 2001, which among the following is India’s most literate district?
(E)None of them

90.Which of the following Principles have found a place in United nations charter?
(A)Gandhian Principles
(C)Satya Griha
(D)All of them
(E)None of Them

91.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)Inauguration of Supreme court of India : January 28, 1950
(B)First IIT in India opened (Kharagpur) : August 18, 1951
(C)Imperial Bank of India Nationalized : July 1, 1955
(D)Inauguration of Apsara : August 4, 1956
(E)All are correctly matched

92.In which of the two places in India the first STD line was introduced in 1960?
(A)Delhi Jaipur
(B)Mumbai Pune
(C)Mumbai Nasik
(D)Lucknow Kanpur
(E)Hyderabad Secundarabad

93.Which among the following newspapers given as options A to E is oldest ?
(A)Madras Courier
(B)Bombay herald
(C)Bengal gazette
(D)Bombay samachar
(E)Udant Martand

94.In which year the South American Union was set up ?

95.Juan Martín del Potro is the 2009 champion of which of the following sports championships?
(A)US Open
(B)Australian Open
(C)French Open
(E)None of the above

96.At which of the following places first World Tamil Conference was held?
(B)Kuala Lampur
(D)New York
(E)None of them

97.Which of the following Project 15A is related to ____?
(A)Development of Tanks for Indian Army
(B)Development of Missiles for Indian Army
(C)Development of guided missile destroyers of Indian navy with stealth features
(D)Development of pilotless fighter planes for Indian Air Force
(E)None of the above

98.From which year Ganpati Festival started ?

99.In which year Subhash Chandra Bose escaped from India?

100.Which among the following is India’s first public corporation?
(A)National Hydroelectric Power Corporation
(B)Damodar Valley Corporation
(C)Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
(D)Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam
(E)British Electric Traction Company

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