MANAS Chip refers to Multiplexed ANAlog Signal Processor (MANAS) CHIP developed by Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP). Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) has a two-fold objective to carry out basic research in various areas of physical and biophysical sciences and to impart manpower training in these fields. SINP has been a pioneering institute for over five decades in the area of research and manpower training. It has the oldest NMR Lab, a working Tokamak, a most sophisticated unit for surface studies and two strong groups for studies in theoretical physics and statistical mechanics. . It has offered the world a very important chip (MANAS) to help detect dimuons at CERN. MANAS is the first large scale production of a mixed signal ASIC in India. The total quantity produced for the International Collaboration ALICE is 1,10,000 (88,000 for Dimuon Spectrometer and 22,000 for Photon Multiplicity Detector).

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