Mahatma Gandhi & Indian Opinion

With the support of the Natal Indian Congress and the other well-wishers in Natal and by the Madanjit Viyavaharik International Printing Press, he released the first issue of Indian Opinion on June 6, 1903.

  • The newspaper was published in Gujarat, Hindi, Tamil and English and its editor was Mansukhlal Nazar.
  • 1904 its publication office was relocated in Phoenix, close to Durban.

    In the Indian Opinion, Gandhi highlighted the poor conditions in which the indentured workers worked. The cases of harsh treatments were exposed. Regarding this newspaper Gandhi writes famously:

    “Satyagraha would have been impossible without Indian Opinion.”

  • Indian Opinion was the First newspaper brought out by Gandhi.
  • Later, he published Young India, Navjivan and Gujarat Samachar.

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