M S Swaminathan

  • Dr. M S Swaminathan is known as the Father of the Green Revolution in India , for his leadership and success in introducing and further developing high-yielding varieties of wheat in India.
  • He is the founder and Chairman of the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai.
  • TIME Magazine has called him “one of the twenty most influential Asians of the 20th century.”
  • The Indian Government has honored him with its prestigious national decorations and he has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes and medals from all over the world.
  • He has been named Commandeur of the Order of the Golden Ark of the Netherlands, and has received the Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership, the Ordre du Merite Agricole of France, and the Golden Heart Presidential Award of the Philippines. He has been awarded the Charles
  • Darwin International Science and Environment Medal, the Volvo Environment Prize, the UNESCO Gandhi Gold Medal, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms Medal, and the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development — to name just a few. In 1987, he was the first recipient of the World Food Prize, considered equal to a Nobel in the field of agriculture.

Some Books by Dr. M S Swaminathan

  • An Evergreen Revolution, 2006
  • I Predict: A Century of Hope Towards an Era of Harmony with Nature and Freedom from Hunger, (1999)
  • Gender Dimensions in Biodiversity Management, (ed.) (1998)
  • Implementing the Benefit Sharing Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity: Challenges and opportunities (1997)
  • Agrobiodiversity and Farmers’ Rights, 1996
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Towards Food Security
  • Farmers’ Rights and Plant Genetic Resources: A dialogue. (ed.) (1995)
  • Wheat Revolution: a Dialogue (ed) (1993)
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