List of Various Committees & Their Focus Area

  1. Abhijit Sen Committee (2002) : Long Term Food Policy
  2. Abid Hussain Committee: On Small Scale Industries
  3. Ajit Kumar Committee : Army Pay Scales
  4. Athreya Committee: Restructuring Of IDBI
  5. Basel Committee: Banking Supervision
  6. Bhurelal Committee : Increase In Motor Vehicle Tax
  7. Bimal Julka Committee : Working Conditions ATCOS
  8. C B Bhave Committee : Company Information
  9. C Babu Rajiv Committee : Reforms In Ship Act 1908 & Ship Trust Act 1963
  10. Chakravarty Committee : Working Of The Monetary System And Suggest Measure For Improving The Effectiveness Fo Monetary Policy In Promoting Economic Development
  11. Chandra Shekhar Committee : Venture Capital
  12. Chandrate Committee: Delisting In Sharemarket
  13. Chore Committee : Review The Operation Of The Cash Credit System
  14. Dave Committee (2000) : Pension Scheme For Unorganized Sector
  15. Deepak Parikh Committee : To Revive Unit Trust If India (UTI)
  16. Dhanuka Committee : Simplification Of Transfer Rules In Security Markets
  17. G V Ramakrishna Committee : On Disinvestment
  18. Goiporia Committee : Improvement In The Customer Service At Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks
  19. Hanumant Rao Committee: Fertilizers
  20. J R Varma Committee: Current Account Carry Forward Practice
  21. Jankiramanan Committee : Securities Transactions
  22. JJ Irani Committee : Company Law Reforms
  23. K Kannan Committee : To Examine The Relevance Of The Concept Of Maximum ermissible Bank Finance (MPBF) As A Method Of Assessing The Requirements Of Bank Credit For Working Capital And To Suggest Alternative Methods.
  24. Kelkar Committee : Tax Structure Reforms
  25. Khan Working Group :Development Finance Institutions
  26. Khusro Committee : Agricultural Credit System
  27. Kumarmanglam Birla Report: Corporate Governance
  28. Mahajan Committee (1997): Sugar Industry
  29. Malegam Committee : Reforms In The Primary Market & Repositioning of UTI
  30. Malhotra Committee : Broad Framework Of Insurance Sector
  31. Marathe Committee: Recommendation For Urban Co-operative Banks
  32. Mashelkar Committee 2002 : Auto Fuel Policy
  33. Mckinsey Report: Merger Of 7 Associate Banks With SBI
  34. Meera Seth Committee: Development Of Handlooms
  35. Narismhan Committee: Banking Reforms
  36. NN Vohra Committee : Relations (Nexus) Of Politicians With Criminals
  37. Parekh Committee : Infrastructure Financing
  38. Percy Mistry Committee: Making Mumbai An International Financial Center
  39. Prasad Panel : International Trade And Services
  40. R V Gupta Committee : Small Savings
  41. Raja Chelliah Committee: Tax Reforms
  42. Rekhi Committee : Indirect Taxes
  43. RV Gupta Committee : Agricultural Credit
  44. S P Talwar Committee: Restructuring Of Weak Public Sector Bank
  45. S Tendulkar Committee: Redefining Poverty Line And Its Calculation Formula
  46. Sapta Rishi Committee (July 2002) : Development Of Domestic Tea Industry
  47. Shah Committee : Reforms Relating To Non Banking Financial Companies (NFBC)
  48. SL Kapoor Committee : Credit & Flow Problems Of Ssis
  49. SN Verma Committee (1999) : Restructuring The Commercial Banks
  50. Tandon Committee : System Of WORKING CAPITAL Financing By Banks
  51. Tarapore Committee: Report On Capital Account Convertibility
  52. Udesh Kohli Committee: Analyze Fund Requirement In Power Sector
  53. UK Sharma Committee : NABARD’s Role In RRB
  54. Vaghul Committee : Money Market In India
  55. Vasudev Committee: NBFC( Non Banking Finance Corp) Sector Reforms
  56. Y B Reddy Committee :2001 : Review Of Income Tax Rebates


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