Leagacy of Alauddin Khalji

Alauddin had made Siri his capital and had built a fort out there mainly to avoid invasions from Mongols. He introduced the reforms in the army and started the system of branding the horses “Dagh” and biometric information about the soldiers “Chehra”. Regular muster for army was introduced by him.

Alauddin confiscated the lands granted to nobles and checked free grants of lands. He forbade them to marry among each other’s families and hold celebrations. To know about the revenue arrears and collect them, he introduced a new department of Diwan-i-mustakhraj.

He is known to have established separate markets for food grains, cloths etc. He also created new posts of Diwan-i-riyasat and Shahna-i-mandi to control the markets. He organized and introduced a countrywide spy system. He was the First Sultan who set up a “permanent Standing Army” of the sultanate. He abolished the Iqta System introduced by Iltutmish and started paying them salary in cash. The conquest of Deccan by Malik Kafur was the climax of the Career of Alauddin Khalji.


The violent temper and infatuation for Malik Kafur brought envy and disunion among his governors. His bad temper was made worse by an increasing disease. His sons prematurely indulged into the drink and debauchery. There were revolts in all sides of his empire. Amid chaos, Alauddin died in 1316. This was an end of a bloody tyrant but a strong and capable ruler of Delhi Sultanate, who left long footprints in the history of India.

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