Kepler 22b

Kepler 22b / Gliese 581d / HD 85512b / GJ 667Cc

  • Kepler 22-b is an earth like planet that lies about 600 light-years away and is 2.4 times the size of Earth. It has a temperature of about 22 degree Celsius. It is the closest confirmed planet yet to one like ours — an “Earth 2.0”. NASA confirms that it contains both land and water and has the right atmosphere to potentially support life. Kepler 22-b is in the “habitable zone” around a star similar to Sun.
  • Gliese 581d, pronounced “gleezer”, which is far closer at around 20 light years away is another exoplanet located in same kind of zone. It is about six times the mass of Earth and is one of a family of at least six planets.
  • Another planet called HD 85512b located at 36 light years away also seemed to be habitable. The planet is in constellation of Vela, measures around 3.6 times the Earth’s mass.
  • One more potentially habitable planet outside our solar system with temperatures that could support water and life is located about 22 light years away from Earth. This planet revolves around the star known as GJ 667C, which is known as an M-class dwarf star and puts out much less heat than our Sun. The new rocky planet is GJ 667Cc.