Kanva dynasty

The last ruler of the Shunga Dynasty was killed by Vasudeva Kanva.

  • The Kanvas were Brahmins and considered themselves as descendents from Rishi Kanva.
  • Vasudeva killed Devabhuti in around 72 BC and this is also testified by Harchacharita.
  • At the time of Vasudeva Kanva’s accession, the Shunga kingdom was already finished as the Punjab region was under the Greeks and most parts of the Gangetic planes was under different rulers.
  • One of the Shunga rulers named Sumitra who rules around 133 BC was killed by Muladeva who founded the independent Kosala Kingdom.
  • Vasudeva was succeeded by Bhumimitra.
  • Bhumimitra after reigning for 14 years was succeeded by his son Narayana, who was succeeded by Susharman.
  • Much detail about these kings has been ascertained only on the basis of Numismatics.
  • Only these 4 kings of the Kanva dynasty are known.
  • This dynasty is said to have been overthrown by the Satavahana dynasty.

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