Jamnalal Bajaj Awards 2009

The Jamnalal Bajaj awards which are given by Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation every year, were declared recently. These awards are given in four categories: constructive work, science and technology for rural development, development and welfare of women and children and international award for promoting Gandhian values outside India.
Following are the awardees:
  1. Constructive Work : Shri Lavanam, a social worker, has worked for welfare of tribals, criminal rehabilitation, women empowerment, child rights and other activities involving social awareness
  2. Science and Technology for Rural Development: Ayyappa Masagi has been given the award for his innovations that helped the cause of water conservation
  3. Development and Welfare of Women and Children : Jaya Arunachalam has been given the award for her work in women empowernment for the last three decades
  4. Promoting Gandhian values outside India: Father Peter Dougherty has been awarded for his work in promoting Gandhian values outside India.
    Note : Trustee of the Foundation: Madhur Bajaj
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