Jalal ud din Firuz Khilji

Jalal ud din Firuz Khilji (1290-1296 AD)

The power that swept away the Slave Dynasty was Jalal-ud-din Firuz Khilji. His original name was Malik Firuz. Malik Firuz was appointed in the army at Baran by Kaikubad.

When Kaikubad debauched himself to paralysis, Firuz marched to Delhi. Meanwhile, Kaikubad was killed and the nobles placed the three year old son of Kaikubad on the throne. The men (Brothers, sons and nephews) of Firuz dashed in Delhi, captured the 3 year old Sultan of India, defeated the forces and compelled the nobles to surrender, killed the infant king and threw his body in Yamuna. On 13 July 1290, the dynasty at Delhi had changed and now a new Dynasty that is Khilji Dynasty was there to rule the country and decide its fate.

The Khalji clan was from the Afghan village of Khalj was of most probably Turkish origin but had become Afghan in character. Khalji and the Turkish slaves were partners in many successful campaigns in India. Under Muhammad Ghori, Bengal was won by Bakhtiyar Khalji, who ruled there. They were in many high level posts in the Ghor army and successive armies in India.

When Jalaluddin set at the throne of Delhi, he was an old man of 70 years and he deputed his brothers, sons and nephews at various “strategic” posts in the government. The old man was not ready to shed more blood, and when Malik Chajju, a nephew of Balban marched with an army to dethrone the new Sultan of Delhi, he was defeated, captured but freed and posted at Manikpur.

Jalauuddin was obsessed with mercy. He pardoned all kinds of criminals alike thugs, traitors, conspirators etc. etc. In his time, Mongols attacked once more but this time (under Halaku), negotiations caused the “partial” retreat of the Mongols and not the open war.

The next invasion of Mongols was under Ulugh Khan. He accepted Islam and the old Sultan gave his daughter to him in marriage. He started staying near Delhi and later created sorts of troubles for the kith and kin of Sultan.

This behavior of the King, who was probably preparing himself for the next world, was incomprehensible and exasperating for the companions. His wit, learning, way of life and way of ruling was not appreciated by anybody.

The sedition grew quickly and then all of a sudden we find his nephew Alauddin, who was his son-in-law too, plot a conspiracy. He trapped his uncle unarmed and unguarded at Kara where he was posted, and when actually the uncle was fondling this traitor nephew, one of the meanest murder of the history of India was accomplished. The old Sultan of India, Jalaluddin Khalji was stabbed, beheaded and thrown down at the feet of his nephew, he had ever trusted , perhaps more than anyone else.

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