International Conference On Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy, New Delhi

Here are some excerpts from the inaugural address of PM Man Mohan Singh at the international conference on peaceful uses of nuclear energy, in New Delhi recently.
  1. India can generate 470,000 MW of power by 2050 if “we manage three stages of our nuclear programme well.
  2. This will sharply reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and will be a major contribution to global efforts to combat climate change.
  3. It was a matter of regret that the global non-proliferation regime had not succeeded in preventing nuclear proliferation & deficiencies in fact have had an adverse impact on our security.
  4. Global non-proliferation to be successful should be universal, comprehensive and non-discriminatory and linked to the goal of complete nuclear disarmament. We believe that there is growing international acceptance for this viewpoint.
  5. India feels encouraged by some positive signs especially, as the US plans to reduce its dependence on nuclear weapons in its national security strategy. We feel encouraged by some recent positive signs.
  6. “President Barack Obama indicated in a significant speech at Prague in April this year the willingness of the United States to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy and work towards a vision of a free of nuclear weapons”
  7. The United States and Russia are also negotiating further cuts in their nuclear arsenals. States with substantial nuclear arsenals should take meaningful steps on nuclear disarmament.
  8. India is proud of its non-proliferation record and is committed to global efforts for preventing the proliferation of all weapons of mass destruction.
  9. We are committed to a voluntary, unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing. As a nuclear weapon state and a responsible member of the international community we will participate constructively in the negotiations of an FMCT (Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty) in the Conference on Disarmament.
  10. India is willing to be a supplier for a proposed nuclear fuel bank. The International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles is an example of such international cooperation.
  11. India is a participant in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or ITER Project. We are ready to contribute to global research and development into new proliferation-resistant fuel cycles.
  12. There are proposals for an international fuel bank and we would support efforts in this direction as a supplier nation.
  13. Just as we seek to enhance peaceful uses of nuclear energy, we have a pressing and immediate moral obligation to draw down and eventually do away with its destructive use of nuclear energy.
  14. India supports all efforts in improving nuclear security and welcomes President Obamas initiative to convene a Global Summit on Nuclear Security in 2010.

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